USDoD's Bold Promise to the Community - A New Community

Threat actor USDoD, let's the community know less than 24 hours after LE takes down BF that he's coming back with a whole new community.

USDoD's Bold Promise to the Community - A New Community
USDoD announces a new community in the works

Today, May 15, 2024, BreachForums, a notorious hub for cybercriminal activities, was taken down by the FBI and DOJ, with help from several international law enforcement agencies. While this is a big win for law enforcement, the real buzz is about the bold statement made by the threat actor known as USDoD. He’s promised to bring the forum back and keep the community alive.

USDoD's Statement(s)

Who is USDoD?

USDoD, who used to go by "NetSec" on RaidForums, is a well-known figure in the cyber world. He first made waves by exposing data from 80,000 InfraGard members, showing just how vulnerable even well-protected organizations can be. Later, he leaked data from 3,200 Airbus vendors, cementing his status as a serious hacker.

USDoD's methods are sophisticated, often involving social engineering and impersonation to gain access to secure systems. He's targeted high-profile entities like the U.S. Army, NATO Cyber Center Defense, and CEPOL. Despite some labeling him a pro-Russian threat actor, he insists his collaborations with Russians are based on personal or business ties, not politics.

What’s Next for USDoD?

In his message, USDoD made it clear that he's already working to rebuild BreachForums (or whatever it may be called next). He’s confident and ready, promising the community that their data and the forum's legacy will be preserved. For him, this takedown isn't the end but a chance for a fresh start.

I'm personally super excited to see what USDoD builds next. His capabilities and vision for the future of BreachForums could mark a new chapter in the cyber landscape. It's fascinating to watch someone so deeply embedded in the cyber underworld maneuver and adapt.

Final Words

USDoD's bold statement shows just how determined some threat actors are. While law enforcement scored a major victory by taking down BreachForums, the battle is far from over. Not even 24 hour's later the resilience and reinforcement for optimism beacons. USDoD's commitment to reviving the forum is a reminder that the digital world is constantly changing, and we need to stay on our toes.

As this story unfolds, it will be crucial to keep an eye on what happens next. For now, USDoD’s promise to rebuild BreachForums serves as a reminder of the relentless nature of cyber threats and the ongoing need for vigilance in cybersecurity: more importantly, it shows the never-ending, persistence of the community that refuses to submit even when multiple agencies have technically won the day.

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