Breachforums 3.0 and USDoD's [hacker] Bold Promise to the Community - A New Community

FBI etc, take down BreachForums. Less than 24 hours later, famous threat actor USDoD started to rebuild it.

Breachforums 3.0 and USDoD's [hacker] Bold Promise to the Community - A New Community

The Takedown of BreachForums by the FBI, in collaboration with multiple international law enforcement agencies happened yesterday. This event is not just about a major site being pulled down; it's about the resilience and defiance of the cyber community, spearheaded by a renowned threat actor known as USDoD.

BreachForums has long served as a central marketplace for cybercriminals, trading in stolen data and hacking tools. Its takedown marks a monumental blow to this underworld, akin to seeing a major drug market disappear. However, the story doesn't end here. USDoD, a figure previously known as NetSeq on Raid Forums, has vowed to bring Breach Forums back, promising a new beginning for this notorious hub.

USDoD's bold statement came shortly after the takedown, making clear his intentions to not only resurrect the forum but also enhance its infrastructure. Known for backing up his claims with action, USDoD is someone who's previously targeted high-profile targets including the US Army and NATO Cyber Center, showcasing his sophisticated hacking prowess.

In this video, we'll break down:

  • The Significance of Breach Forums: Why was it such a key player in the cybercrime world?
  • Details of the Takedown: How did international law enforcement collaborate to shut down Breach Forums?
  • USDoD’s Response: What does his promise of revival mean for the cyber community?
  • The Future of Cybercriminal Forums: How do shutdowns impact the broader landscape of cybercrime?

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