Usp Pollack
Usp pollack – high security

USP Polack

Fox News claimed that these inmates “Escaped” and that as evidence apparently of this escape, they cited the BOP facility’s status at the bottom of their article pictured to the right.

Fox News
Fox news

Of course what the author did not know is that every facility in the country is currently on lockdown, due to covid. This status that is indicated on their site is not indicative of the inmates that walked away.

Not only that but inmates that are at a prison camp when they leave at first are not classified as an “escape”. It’s more like a “walk away”. When someone is detected as not being at the camp that they are supposed to be at an eight-hour clock starts. Once that person is not returned within that eight hours then they are accounted as an “escapee”. Once this happens they will also be charged formally with it get more time for it. In addition to an additional security level bump.

The author really shouldn’t write about things that they have no clue about. You can tell how much they understand the federal prison system by the last sentence in the screenshot. It reads “USP Pollack is a minimum security facility”. There is not a USP in this country that is a “minimum” security facility.

Fci Pollack
Fci pollack – medium security

USP stands for United States penitentiary.  Every USP in this country is a high-security facility.

The camp is a satellite camp and referred to as an FPC or federal prison camp Pollack. Reading this article really amaze me how little the author knew about and how much it showed.

Pollack as an institution has 3 different security levels and therefore is actually called an FCC or Federal Correctional Complex, the High aka USP Pollack, the Medium aka FCI Pollack, and the Minimum aka FPC Pollack.

You have to love it when reporters cover something and try to act like they know what they are talking about but leave glaring mistakes that make it obvious they have no clue.

I used for reading their article because I don’t like Fox News’s stupid ads or videos:


Source: Outline


The USP, FCI, and FPC are three separate things. Here you can see a map, with each different section highlighted. You will notice the USP being high security has gun towers, while the FCI being a medium does not, and that PFC Pollack has no fence because it’s minimum security.