Your PSI and your PSR are extremely important! Many people, including myself when I faced federal incarceration, don’t take this process seriously. As a result, I have posted an article about this very topic in the hopes of reaching those people who are facing federal incarceration and are making the mistake that

I made in thinking that it’s no big deal or that it’s just another bureaucratic process that you must go through to finish this process. While it is another bureaucratic process, you should know about it because going about it the wrong way or minimizing the effects mentally can be devastating for you in the future.  Every individual convicted of a felony will be affected by the Presentence Investigation Report or PSI Early on, becoming familiar with the procedure. To help, we will discuss the following topics in this video:

The fact that the PSI is the result of a procedure.

You can take individual actions to impact the P.S.I.’s result. The PSIs final draft and its consequences The PSI is the result of the following steps:

The judge will direct federal probation to prepare a Presentence Investigation Report once a defendant has been convicted of a felony in federal court.  The individual’s life history who was convicted of a crime will be documented in the P.S.I.