Michael Protack
Michael protack

A former Delaware political candidate who pled guilty to sending threats to his wife’s divorce counsel was sentenced to a year in prison Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Justice stated Wednesday.

According to officials, 64-year-old Michael Protack, while seeking to remain anonymous, wrote a series of threatening letters to his ex-attorney. wife’s

A threat issued January 7, 2021, explained to the recipient they should:

“[C]ount on being dead by June 2021. You won’t know when, where or how but your end has been written. Take the time and put your affairs in order since they will not locate your body for weeks.”

Another threat, issued months later, included nothing but a gruesome image of a dead, mangled body.

One of the last delivered threats said, “I drive by your office every day.”

Protack, arrested on June 11, 2021, pled guilty in late August. He has previously ran in various Republican primaries for governor, U.S Senate, and New Castle County Council between 2004 and 2014, used to reside in Delaware, but has since moved to Seal Beach, California.

“Campaign of terror” and “extremely serious crime” were the words of U.S. District Judge Richard G. Andrews at Protack’s sentence. He sentenced Protack to 12 months in federal prison on one count of sending threatening messages.

Source: wdel