Bop Office In Fci Pollack - After Hurricane In August Of 2020
bop office in fci pollack – after the hurricane in august of 2020

The United States Government Accountability Office has recently released a report detailing some of the Bureau of Prisons’ many insufficiencies. However, this report was not aimed at the general operation of the BOP but rather its ability to mitigate and respond to “disasters”.

They cite events like the tornado that damaged a BOP institution in April 2020 and a hurricane that did damage at FCI Pollack in Louisiana in August 2020.

Additionally, the GAO  recommended that a clear policy definition of the word disaster be implemented and the ability to track disaster-related projects. They stated that the BOP director should also establish cost-effective and feasible analytic features such as project milestones and cost indicators.

Report Highlights:

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Full 45 Page Report:

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Source: GAO