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An In-depth Look at the Georgetown Law Journal Annual Review of Criminal Procedure

In the intricate and complex sphere of law, the Annual Review of Criminal Procedure (ARCP) by the Georgetown Law Journal provides an exceptional and insightful guide. The ARCP is a comprehensive survey of all aspects of criminal procedure in the federal courts. Published as a single issue per year, the ARCP offers an impartial, concise, and accurate overview of the US criminal procedure landscape. It covers recent case law decisions in the United States Supreme Court and each of the 12 Federal Circuit Courts, serving as a valuable asset for scholars, law practitioners, and students alike.

Affordable Access to Premium Legal Content

One of the standout aspects of the Georgetown Law Journal ARCP is its affordability, especially for those who are incarcerated. With an aim to make its comprehensive resource accessible to a broad audience, the journal offers a significant discount for orders sent directly to correctional facilities. Priced at just $25, this is a significant reduction from the standard retail rate of $85.

This initiative underscores the journal’s commitment to improving legal understanding across diverse groups. It provides those within the penal system an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the legal landscape and equip themselves with the knowledge that could potentially assist in their legal situations.

Support for the Indigent

In addition to the discounted rate for incarcerated individuals, the ARCP goes a step further to provide complimentary copies of older editions to incarcerated individuals who can provide proof of indigence. This initiative demonstrates the journal’s dedication to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their financial standing, can access premium legal content and education.

Georgetown Law Journal Annual Review of Criminal Procedure

Ordering Made Simple

To facilitate access to these invaluable resources, the Georgetown Law Journal ARCP has set up a straightforward ordering process. Loved ones or friends of those incarcerated can simply email the journal to get a discounted order form. Alternatively, incarcerated individuals can directly write to the Office of Journal Administration-ARCP to request a copy of the order form to be mailed to them.

Payment for orders can be made through checks and money orders payable to: Georgetown Law Journals-ARCP. The ARCP also accepts VISA/Mastercard payments via fax, making it as easy as possible to process the order and gain access to this essential legal resource. Note that refunds are not available for discount orders.

Delivery Information

Once an order is placed, the ARCP is shipped via USPS. This reliable delivery service ensures your order reaches its destination, whether it’s a private residence or a correctional facility. However, please be patient as delivery can take up to 4-6 weeks. Keep in mind to include the tax if shipping to DC (5.75%), VA (5.0%), MD (6%), NY (7.0%), or TN (7% state & 2.25% local).

With its clear-cut ordering process and the promise of a comprehensive legal guide, ordering the ARCP is a decision you won’t regret. However, please expect possible delays and remember not to send money orders or checks without an order form.

Contact Information

If you require further information or have queries regarding your order, the ARCP team can be contacted via:

In conclusion, the Georgetown Law Journal ARCP stands out not only for the depth and breadth of its content but also for its inclusivity. By ensuring affordable access to legal resources for incarcerated individuals and those who can prove indigence, the ARCP embodies the principle of justice for all.