In this episode of Deep Dot Darknet I am answering Boii Boii’s question:

“dont want to ask this question again but how did u search up stuff like tor and growing stuff with out being on a list like is there a special search engine, did u do it on another internet connection or what?…and how did u sell that btc without being questioned and if u received cash how did u transfer it to ur bank without being watched or smth?”

Because I don’t operate with a script and I simply answer the question as asked sometimes I tend to go out of scope. I think I did a bit of that in this, for that I apologize.

One thing that I did not really get to in the video was the fact that aside from what you see on ridiculous shows like CSI, the government nine times out of 10 is actually pretty clueless when it comes to crimes committed online. The majority of the time it takes a pretty massive mistake in operational security or OpSec for them to gain a foothold and be able to discover anything with any relevance. The idea of “being on a list” is one that is perpetuated by the mainstream media in order to suppress and keep people fearful from engaging in any type of behavior that the government does noot condone explicitly.

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00:00 introduction

00:10 Boii Boii’s question(s)

00:55 Growing shrooms learning resources

01:29 Best book on cannabis

02:29 Jorge Cevantes – growing books

02:54 Web searching with privacy on the clearnet

03:12 Searching the darknet

03:42 Don’t Use a VPN and tor

03:54 Bad udemy instructors give bad opsec advice

04:06 Darknet Masterclass I am creating

04:40 Using another internet connection via Yagi

05:14 Cracking wifi 05:27 Cashing out BTC

08:23 conclusion

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In “Deep Dot Darknet ” I do my best to answer the questions that you have given me be it on email, social media, or here on youtube. Most of the time these questions are in regards to the Darknet, hacking, particulars of being a darknet vendor or other InfoSec or OpSec related questions.

I had started the “Deep Dot Darknet ” series, to be able to address these questions in a manner that was more complete than a “yes” or “no” response that you typically find in the comments sections. In any case thank you all for taking your time to submit questions as well as watching, liking and subscribing!

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