Russel Taub

Letter to the editor: Finally, Prison Reform Is Moving in the Right Direction

On February 17, 2022, Senator Braun of Indiana and Senator Jon Ossoff of Georgia formed a bipartisan group to examine the Federal Bureau of Prisons, after a slew of allegations of corruption and abuse.

As an activist who is working to reform Prison and Criminal Justice, I am grateful for both Senators for forming this committee. This is a huge step for prison reform. The real question is who are they speaking to and where is the information coming from?If the information is coming from the prison guards, there is no purpose of this committee. Prison guards stick together no matter what happens. I have never met a prison guard who would turn on their own. If the information is coming from parents or family members, you must remember it is coming from secondhand information. Nevertheless, the best people to speak to would be those who have served in prison. I am sure everyone is like, how and why should we trust a former inmate? The answer is simple. Why would we lie? Why would we waste our time speaking to you? If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t be willing to take the risks and put ourselves out there.

I encourage everyone to submit information to both Senators and the committee. This is the only way we can finally reform the Federal Prison Industry. In addition, I encourage both Senators Braun and Ossoff to have the Inspector General audit all Federal and Private Prison Facilities and make the report publicly available.

Russell Taub

Political Strategist and Policy Analyst 

Cranston, RI