Following a high-profile visit by a congressional delegation led by representatives from the Bay Area, the problematic Dublin Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) is now “under the microscope.”

The delegation was led by Rep. Jackie Speier (D-San Mateo), who was joined by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Dublin) and Rep. Karen Bass (D-San Diego) (D-Los Angeles).

Rep: Jakie Speier

While visiting the prison in late February, Speier expressed disappointment with the experience, calling it “woefully inadequate and unsatisfactory.” She claims that Bureau of Prisons Deputy Regional Director T. Ray Hinkle, who was also acting as warden, prevented her from speaking with detainees who had reported mistreatment to the authorities.

Rep. Jakie Speier returns with reinforcements

“Ms. Speier came recently. That didn’t really get didn’t their attention. She didn’t get a lot of access. She came back with some colleagues, and that’s certainly opened up the doors and allowed some interviews to take place. I think the message she has sent is that she’s on a mission for reform and accountability, and we’re not going away,” said Swalwell.

Rep: Jakie Speier

The delegation spent more than two hours touring the Dublin Federal Correctional Institution, which according to court documents, was nicknamed “Rape Club.”

Representative Jackie Speier, who serves on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, the primary investigative arm of the House of Representatives, spoke with inmates and guards who highlighted major concerns dating back to 2014. Speier is the chairwoman of the committee.

“From speaking privately with inmates, I made it very clear that we were going to return. And we returned, to underscore the fact that this prison is a cultural toxic environment,” said Speier.

Rep: Jakie Speier

Several workers were arrested after a months-long investigation into sexual assault, harassment, and misbehavior led to the arrest of four employees, including the warden and chaplain, as well as a security guard.

According to investigators, the alleged abuse occurred over a period of years and involved activities such as swapping jewelry for sex and capturing nude images of convicts and storing them on work devices.

It was revealed in court documents that one of the security guards, Ross Klinger, had sex with a victim while they were in a shipping container. Klinger continued to send her photographs and Snapchat messages after she was freed from detention, in which he reaffirmed his love for her.

The visit today comes after members of Congress demanded the publication of an internal audit of sexual assaults at Dublin FCI on March 3, which was met with resistance.

Rep: Jakie Speier

“When you have the warden, the chaplain, and two other officers who are charged with sexual assault, two of whom have pleaded guilty, you have got a cultural rot in that institution that must be addressed,” said Speier.

The tour was also joined by John Kostelnik, Western Vice President of the American Federation of Government Employees, Council of Prisons Local 33, who served as a delegate to the Congress.

“We do have some great staff here unfortunately, the bad eggs have absolutely disgrace, those of us that do our jobs, day in day out,”

said Kostelnik.

Like the warden(s) that have been put in charge, multiple guards, and the Chaplin. Apparently, Dublin has “many bad eggs”.

The Dublin Federal Correctional Institution’s correctional officers are among the lowest paid in all of the federal law enforcement, with a starting salary of $45,000, according to Kostelnik, and they are frequently solicited to leave for higher-earning posts at other agencies. Dublin FCI is now working at 85 percent of its maximum capacity, thanks to a current workforce of 80 guards.

This totally explains then why there are so many sexual assaults. Right? Oh, no, that’s a separate issue. You have to love the fact that the greedy BOP guards, never stop trying to get more money, even when they are already NOT doing the job they were hired to do!

“How can you run a prison properly and ensure that these heinous situations don’t occur when you don’t have the staff?”

said Kostelnik

Kostelnik’s logic

So by the logic that Kostelnik presents, the reason they have so many staff that are rapists and sexual predators is that their staffing is not 100%, and instead is at 85%? So, that last 15% is what makes sure that the sexual predators don’t take advantage of inmates that have no power to do anything about said harassment?

Well, I am glad that this logic ONLY applies to the BOP and not every other company, business, or governmental agency that exists on the planet. It seems to be something that ONLY affects the BOP. Apparently, if we are to say he is correct in his analysis when the facility is at 85% staffing, inmates should be expected to be sexually assaulted.

How does this make sense? It’s BOP logic.

Backwards on Purpose.

It actually makes no sense when you think about it, especially considering the fact that the director who has a much better idea about understaffing says himself that the BOP is not that bad off when it comes to the staffing issue.

Furthermore, what does pay have to do with it? Kostelnik is basically saying here, that because they think they don’t get paid enough (something I personally disagree with, they sit on their ass all day, literally doing time), what? Do they deserve a little something extra? Like the ability to sexually assault inmates at will?
Hey, Kostelnik, go work at a brothel, or strip club if you think you are entitled to that.

Your job is to keep inmates in the “Care and Custody” of the BOP, not to have sexual playthings, because you cannot get a real job.

You’re not entitled to sexually assault inmates, because you “don’t get paid enough”.

The newest warden…

Thahesha Jusino, the prison’s new female warden, made a statement in which she stated that she will “work tirelessly to reaffirm the Bureau of Prisons’ zero tolerance for sexual abuse and sexual harassment.”

Platitudes and general statements about the BOP’s “work” habits, hardly constitute any type of reassurance. The PR move to install a female finally as warden was about the only smart thing the BOP has done in this whole situation.

“A culture of misconduct, or actions not representative of the BOP’s Core Values will not be tolerated,”

said Jusino Newst warden installed at the Rape Club

Which is a complete lie. Not only is it representative of the BOP’s Core Values, but it’s inherently built into the system. The BOP just did not expect such a public backlash and outcry. Not only that, but it has been tolerated, even encouraged, and covered up for years.

“This is not a one-visit and gone. This is not a two-visit and gone. We’re going to stay on it. We’re going to make sure that there are major changes made we owe it to them, and to the public,” said Speier.

Source: CBSLocal