Following high COVID-19 transmission and maltreatment complaints from inmates and their families, controversy has arrived at Alderson Federal Prison, aka “Camp Cupcake”.

Camp Cupcake
Stats as of 6:43 am, est, 1/6/22

Currently, Camp Cupcake ranks as the 6th most infected BOP facility with 72 infected inmates, 3 staff, and Patricia Haynes stated her mother is a prisoner at Alderson Federal Prison. She is presently undergoing treatment in a local hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. Haynes alleges her mother was refused medicine by the jail and that her family had minimal information from the prison concerning her mother’s illness. Haynes claims that the jail forbade her from speaking with physicians.

“When I arrived at the hospital, one of the guards ran over and told me I wasn’t permitted to speak with the doctor and stopped the doctor from speaking with me,” Haynes said. This is standard in any other facility most of the time, even when not on a COVID lockdown though.

A peaceful protest was conducted outside the Alderson plant on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. Organizers said that they intend to start a countrywide campaign for jail reform so that people may have access to healthcare and other essential necessities.

After hearing about her daughter’s situation straight from her, Anita Remme flew from Northeast Tennessee to speak for her. Remme claims that her daughter passed out several times before obtaining sufficient medical attention from the jailor medical facility, and she wants the convicts’ treatment to change.

“Well, imagine if that was your daughter or mother up there; how would you want them to be treated?” Remme remarked. “Those individuals are someone’s loved one, they are significant to someone, they are a mother, a sister, they are someone’s kid, and they need to be treated properly.” The BOP are masters of inhumane treatment and covering it up with paperwork. Typically, Alderson is one of the best places to do time.

A shortage of food, sanitary napkins and feminine products, commissary, and hot water are among the charges leveled against the facility. In many facilities, like the one I was at, the BOP stopped commissary altogether, never mind having a “shortage”. By the sounds of it, I would have loved to do time here. According to a Federal Defense Attorney who represents 10 convicts in Alderson FPC, his clients have all been mistreated in the same way. According to him, the jail should implement the CARES Act’s home confinement provisions. To avoid a high transmission of COVID-19, the Bureau of Prisons can send selected inmates to a halfway house or home confinement.

“These are women with low sentences, minor custody scores, what is the difference whether they are restricted by the Bureau of Prisons to a halfway house or to their home?” questioned Paul Petruzzi, a Criminal Defense Attorney.

Bop Death Toll
In terms of deaths, there are much worse places than alderson or camp cupcake.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons stated to in response to the demonstrators’ charges, saying:
“While FPC Alderson is currently operating at Operational Level 3, there is no shortage of food and all inmates have full access to commissary, laundry, potable drinking water, hot showers, telephone, and electronic messaging, daily medical and mental health care, prescribed medications, toiletries, and feminine hygiene products.”

Many of those things are taken away at many facilities during a COVID lockdown. No facilities are strangers to this occurrence, as 97 federal facilities are currently at a level 3 for their COVID alert level, as we covered in this article.

Alderson is not even on the map in terms of inmate deaths, though. If they think that the treatment at camp cupcakes is bad, they should see what happens when you are in a real facility, and not the aptly dubbed “camp cupcake”. For example, in my facility, a covid lockdown meant no showers, no phones, no email, a shot for anyone who did any of those things. Not only that but “not being able to talk to a doctor” is normal in other places, even when not on lockdown. The death toll in many cases can judge medical care.