Octopus [Darknet Vendor] Responds to Mental Outlaw

Today we are giving a voice to a Darknet vendor called Octopus, who wanted to respond back to Mental Outlaw, in regards to a video he did about said darknet vendor.

Octopus [Darknet Vendor] Responds to  Mental Outlaw

This video serves as a direct response from Octopus, a darknet vendor, to a popular YouTuber, Mental Outlaw, who discussed the use of drones for drug deliveries on the darknet.

Octopus felt misrepresented in Mental Outlaw's video and has chosen our platform to set the record straight. We delve into Octopus's explanation about their drone delivery system, addressing each point made by Mental Outlaw with factual rebuttals that challenge the assumptions and speculations previously presented.

This unique insight into the operations on the darknet clarifies several misconceptions about drone usage, security measures, and the technical sophistication behind these anonymous deliveries. Octopus's response aims to enlighten viewers about the realities of darknet operations, far removed from the usual speculative narratives.

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