The Public Safety Officer Support Act, currently under Senate review, would categorize suicide as a result of job-related trauma as a line-of-duty death, making officers and their families eligible for long-denied benefits. Despite the fact, that it is NOT in the line of duty, but rather something they decide to do on their own, despite them having an abundance of resources (and training) to deal with this.

Cops are becoming god level people

So, us as citizens could never get something like this passed. 1/2 the country could commit suicide, and all the politicians would do is raise the taxes on the people left.

Can we get a Citizens Support Act? It would be nice if us citizens also had the ability to get a ton of taxpayer money should we decide to off ourselves for whatever reason. I get the whole mentality of “respecting law enforcement” but personally, people earn my respect. They should be examples for people to look up to, especially children as their job is to keep the peace. Unfortunitely, it seems like every other day they are the ones violating this though.

Bad Cop

Congress is currently working to address the fake issue of police officers who suffer disability or death by suicide due to job-related trauma, but are denied benefits, rightfully so as they were not in the process of carrying out their duties as peace officers. In a ridiculous bill that has passed the House and received unanimous support from the Senate Judiciary Committee, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The Public Safety Officer Support Act would categorize suicide as a result of job-related trauma as a line-of-duty death, making officers and their families eligible for the long-denied benefits. Who else should be entitled to this though? How about firefighters, or TEACHERS, you know like the ones that have tried to stop school shooters when the “public safety officers” were debating on what to do for almost an hour?

The bill would also extend benefits to public safety officers who are permanently disabled after experiencing a traumatic event on the job (such as a failed attempted suicide). In 2017, the Department of Justice approved 481 claims under the Public Safety Officers Benefits Program, yet no assistance was granted for any of the more than 240 public safety officers who died by suicide that year. Considering the fact they offed themselves, why would benefits go to them?

Law enforcement officers are 54 percent more likely to die by suicide compared to the general population, according to a 2021 study published by the journal Policing. From 2017 to 2019 deaths among law enforcement officers were more likely to be from suicide than from accidents or felonious acts.

Why tax payers should have to foot the bill to the tune of $100,000’s of dollars for police who not only did not get injured on the job, but also killed themselves off duty is beyond me. As if the public is not taxed enough currently. Not only that but we are seeing police brutality cases, and cases of police completely failing to do anything during active shooter situations, so should we the tax payers have to pay even more money for an already inept police force who now want’s to be paid even if they are the ones who pull the trigger on themselves?

My challenge to you

Watch this video below, then write me and tell me if you think that we should pay the police to kill themselves. I know, it’s age-restricted, because it shows some graphic stuff.