As the news spreads about FCI Dublin the Justice Department says it is “extremely concerned” about allegations that a high-ranking federal prison official entrusted to eliminate sexual abuse and cover-ups at a women’s prison known as the “rape club” may have taken measures to bury a recent complaint about staff misconduct. This is hardly up for debate seeing that both an employee and the Chaplin plead guilty recently.

The fact that they are “extremely concerned” is great, but at this point, it’s just lip service until they do something about it.

The Rape Club Federal

Deputy Regional Director T. Ray Hinkle is accused of attempting to silence a female employee who reported she had been harassed by a manager at the prison — the federal correctional institution in Dublin, California — by meeting with her directly in contravention of established protocols.

“These allegations, if true, are abhorrent, and the Department of Justice takes them very seriously,” the Justice Department stated in response to questioning from the Associated Press regarding Hinkle’s alleged actions. Notice that was not about inmates, but rather staff?

Dublin and Hinkle

Bop Bad Reputation

Hinkle, who claimed to staff that he would help Dublin “regain its reputation” during a spell as acting warden that ended last week, was also warned by his employers at the federal Bureau of Prisons for sending all-staff emails that were critical of agency leadership and procedures.

In one email, Hinkle complained that he was unable to defend himself in an AP story last week about allegations that he bullied whistleblower employees, threatened to close Dublin if they kept speaking up about misconduct, and stonewalled a Congresswoman who sought to speak candidly with staff and inmates at the prison last month.

This is essentially blackmail, by the way, your telling people they will lose their jobs if they say what’s really going on. This is not a new thing in the BOP we even covered an article about BOP whistleblowers being blackballed by there own employer.

Durbin Your Not Allowed

Hinkle didn’t reply to email and text inquiries seeking comment. He earlier maintained that he was not permitted to speak with the media. We know at least that he does not want his employees doing so.

Four workers at Dublin, including a warden, have been detained in the previous eight months and accused of sexually assaulting inmates. Several others are currently being investigated. Two plead guilty including the Chaplin. FBI officials were at the institution Tuesday and Wednesday interrogating inmates and staff.

The Bureau of Prisons said Director Michael Carvajal will visit Dublin soon. Which is PURELY a PR move to make it look like they are being proactive. Members of Congress said they’re also scheduled to visit as they strive to fight back against agency intervention and enhance supervision of the crisis-plagued federal prison system. The Justice Department has stated that it will provide additional information in the coming weeks regarding the efforts it is taking to fight abuse at Dublin Correctional Facility.

Hinkle’s management of Dublin in the wake of the sexual abuse arrests — at a time when he was supposed to be rooting out misconduct and boosting morale — has only heightened scrutiny of the facility and eroded trust among staff, inmates and top officials at the Justice Department and Bureau of Prisons headquarters in Washington D.C.

The Public Is The Bop'S Enemy
Hinkle’s attitude to talking bad about the BOP.

According to those familiar with the situation, after obtaining a copy of a note that the female employee had written documenting her alleged harassment, Hinkle summoned her to his office in Dublin and spoke with her one-on-one, according to the Associated Press. The lady felt blindsided and, following the meeting, was reluctant to proceed with her complaint, the sources said. They were not permitted to speak about sensitive prison topics and did so on the condition of anonymity. The singling out of this inmate clearly sent a message to all the other inmates at the “rape club” aka FCI Dublin.

The woman’s union had given her document to Hinkle, assuming that he, as the officer in charge of the prison, would follow correct processes to have her harassment allegation examined. They expected him to respect her confidentiality and did not believe he would seek to speak to her on his own, the sources claimed.

Typically, BOP “officials” do what they want. Knowing this and used to it after years of service, Hinkle did exactly that, what he wanted.

Dublin and BOP regulations

Under Bureau of Prisons regulation, a warden who becomes aware of allegations of significant misconduct, such as sexual or workplace harassment, must disclose them promptly to the Agency of Internal Affairs and must collaborate with that office before proceeding with an inquiry.

Most of the BOP officers that I have encountered though, don’t even know their own policies, because they rarely follow them. In fact, it’s normal to see an employee who does not do there job right, get promoted.

Idiot Investigators
“skilled” investigators

Normally, “skilled” investigators, rather than the warden, are tasked with handling such situations. The policy also creates standards for interviewing with staff employees regarding misconduct allegations, including ensuring that they have union representation.

“There are accountability procedures in place, whether via the Equal Employment Opportunity Office, the Office of the Inspector General, or even criminal prosecution, to ensure misconduct at all levels is faced with the necessary consequences,” the Justice Department stated.

Apparently, they forgot to tell the BOP to actually follow the policy in this case.

Hinkle was chosen Dublin’s interim warden after a former warden, Ray J. Garcia, was arrested on allegations he assaulted an inmate and forced her and another inmate to strip nude as he snapped photographs — images authorities claim were subsequently recovered on his government-issued phone and personal laptop computer. Garcia has entered a not guilty plea. Two additional workers pled guilty in subsequent weeks. That said, that is just what has come to light SO far…

Woman In Solitary
Woman in Solitary to silence them

An AP investigation last month found pervasive sexual misconduct at the prison and highlighted a poisonous culture that permitted it to persist for years. After that reporting, which included tales of inmates being taken to solitary confinement or transferred to other prisons to silence them (a transfer much of the time makes a lawsuit “moot” or irrelevant to a federal court), workers and union officials at the Bay Area jail and other federal prisons told the AP they too were being threatened for raising alarms about misconduct.

The Bureau of Prisons has been beset by problems in recent years, many of them uncovered by AP reporting, including criminal activities by employees, dangerously low staffing levels (which Carvajal says is not the issue)impeding responses to emergencies, the rapid spread of COVID-19, a poor response to the pandemic and scores of escapes.

“I will continue to be as truthful…”

In a Feb. 24 email to Dublin staff after an AP piece outlined allegations that he was harassing employee whistleblowers, Hinkle wrote: “I will continue to be as truthful as possible regardless of how it makes me seem. It is not about me at all. It is about bringing FCI Dublin to a higher level of professionalism and correctional excellence than it has previously achieved. We must continue to serve with honesty and respect, and to have the fortitude to address wrongdoing.”

We guess Hinkle’s definition of “honesty, respect, and truthfulness” is quite different from everyone else’s. But that would just show that the saying that “BOP means Backwards on Purpose” is actually true.

But Dublin employees say Hinkle’s actions belied that message and worked directly against the Justice Department’s efforts to improve the struggling prison. The Justice Department has indicated it has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct. A new warden, Thahesha Jusino, assumed leadership of the Dublin prison on Monday. It had already been determined to make this alteration.

The land of make belive is real!!!

The issue they face here is that it’s all a show. The new warden we are sure will “be on the lookout” for a little bit, then once the attention dies down, do what BOP officials do best. Put there boots up on the desk, and surf the web, or take a nap.

Yea Right
My reaction to all BOP statements.

In a statement, the Bureau of Prisons said it “takes seriously our mission to safeguard the persons placed in our custody, as well as preserve the safety of correctional staff and the community” and that allegations of misconduct are treated seriously.

The truth is they are buried. This is like someone robbing a bank being asked “why are you robbing this bank?!” and them responding “I’m not robbing the bank, I am just asking for money with a gun in my hand!”.

DoingFedTime – Sam Bent

“Incidents of suspected criminal behavior or misconduct inside BOP institutions are properly reviewed for potential administrative discipline or criminal prosecution,” agency spokesperson Kristie Breshears said. Which is rare at best, and the entire reason that the BOP is in this position now.

Lol Yea Right

She added the Bureau of Prisons was also “committed to establishing a workplace that is free of any sort of harassment and will not accept harassing conduct by anybody in the workplace” and stated employees who submit harassment allegations “shall be safeguarded against additional harassing conduct or retaliation.”

Again, notice she made no such statement regarding the inmates? That’s because, to them, they are not people, they are job security.

Hours after the AP published on allegations that Hinkle was harassing employee whistleblowers, the acting warden sent Dublin’s entire staff a link to the article and a warning that they were not authorized to speak to reporters or leak prison correspondence. The metaphorical iron curtain. He also accused officials at the Justice Department’s headquarters of denying him and others the right to represent themselves in court.

It Was Not Me - Dublin

“For reasons beyond my grasp of comprehension, we are not permitted to protect ourselves,” he said in the message, which was obtained by the AP. This is most likely because they knew that he would try to silence those who spoke up, as he had in the past.

That email followed another message that Hinkle wrote attacking a California legislator who visited the prison earlier in the month. In another message, also issued to all Dublin staff, he accused Rep. Jackie Speier, a Democrat who sits on the House oversight committee, of “mistreating” officers at the prison during a visit she said was spurred by the AP’s findings on sexual misconduct.

Speier told the AP that Hinkle repeatedly tried to block her from meeting privately with inmates, dismissed the allegations of sexual assault at Dublin as “an embarrassment” and then only allowed her to speak with inmates he picked out in a prison yard, in front of prison officials and other inmates. She is lucky she got to talk to anyone as was not the case for other senators trying to visit Danbury.

The Bureau of Prisons denounced Hinkle’s behavior.

“While the BOP advocates transparency between leadership and line staff, we are aware many emails did not represent the appropriate norms of communication,” Breshears stated in response to concerns regarding Hinkle’s comments. “We have addressed the issue.”

Nothing to see here folks, keep it moving, is what he should have said. And by proxy is what he was trying to say with this nonsensical statement.

The Bureau of Prisons is also forming a task group of 18 top agency officials “to assist the agency in redressing identified deficiencies and boosting performance at FCI Dublin,” according to a document Carvajal authored, which was obtained by AP.

But no place else. We are sure their internal task force is not biased in any way and will be totally honest. Then again, we are also sure that we have a better chance at seeing a unicorn playing volleyball tomorrow.

DoingFedTime – Sam Bent

The team, which comprises a range of officials from human resources, internal affairs, and other agencies, is being managed by Carvajal’s chief of staff, Sonya Thompson. Its aim will be to “observe and analyze the environment of the institution,” (BOP translation: “we are going to put in a babysitter for the staff who will be shunned, and ostricized, when they see nothing because no one does anything around them, we will say we fixed the issue”) enhance cooperation and communication with staff and inmates, determine the reasons of disturbances to the prison’s operations and restore public confidence, the document states.

I really needed a laugh, and that last sentence got it from me. Good luck ever restoring “public confidence” when this type of thing is not only the standard in the BOP but encouraged.

Members of the task force will be deployed to Dublin to interview staff members and inmates and will operate in a support role for the incoming warden, the agency said Friday.

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