National PTA DB Leaked -IntelBroker Breached by GodLike

The National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) database was breached, resulting in the exposure and public posting of 70,000 records across six key documents, potentially affecting numerous associated individuals.

National PTA DB Leaked -IntelBroker Breached by GodLike

🚨 Breach Overview

In March 2024, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) database was breached, resulting in the exposure and public posting of 70,000 records across six key documents, potentially affecting numerous associated individuals.

πŸ“ Documents and Data Exposed

  1. COIAdditionalInsured.csv
    • Identification Numbers: COIAddtInsdID, MCID, PID
    • Names and Contacts: COIAIName1, COIAIName2, COIAIEmail, AIName1
    • Addresses: COIAIAddress1, COIAIAddress2, COIAICity, COIAIState, COIAIZipCode, AIAddress1, AIAddress2
    • Insurance Details: Policy numbers, dates related to policy issuance and modifications
    • Administrative Notes: Notes on policy conditions, modifications, and status
  1. Colleges.csv
    • Institution Details: Names, addresses, phone numbers, web addresses
    • Accreditation Info: Accreditation status, agency name, program names
    • Campus Information: Campus names, addresses, IPEDS Unit IDs
  2. MasterClient.csv
    • Client Information: Insured names, addresses, contact information
    • Administrative Data: Created and modified by, dates, broker percentages
  1. Medical.csv
    • Policy Information: Policy numbers, line of business IDs, renewal status
    • Premium and Payment Details: Premium amounts, commission rates, carrier IDs
  2. Payment.csv
    • Payment Details: Payment IDs, check numbers, amounts, payment types
    • Financial Transactions: Detailed notes on financial transactions, fees, commissions
  3. PTO.csv
    • Participant Information: Names, emails, group names, school information
    • Coverage Details: Coverage types, effective and expiration dates
    • Operational Permissions: Special wordings, coverage changes, and administrative notes

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Threat Actor Profile: GodLike

Alias: GodLike

Active On:

Role: Active participant in a cracking community

Reputation and Activities:

  • Known for participating in discussions and providing various digital goods and services within the community.
  • Engages in the sale and distribution of cracked accounts and hacking tools.
  • Has a high number of posts and contributions to the forum, indicating an active presence.

GodLike appears to be involved in various types of cyber activities, primarily focused on account and service cracking. This involvement extends to sharing and potentially selling access to cracked accounts and services.

Involvement in the PTA Breach

According to the available information from the provided screenshot, GodLike is directly attributed to the breach of the Parent Teacher Association database. This breach involved the unauthorized access and distribution of sensitive information related to the PTA.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Threat Actor Profile: IntelBroker

Alias: IntelBroker

Known Associations: CyberNiggers group

Notable Activities:

  • IntelBroker is a notorious threat actor recognized for their involvement in several high-profile data breaches targeting a diverse array of sectors, including government agencies, telecommunications, and financial institutions.
  • The actor has successfully infiltrated systems and exfiltrated sensitive data from entities like the US Department of Defense, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and major telecommunications providers such as T-Mobile and AT&T.
  • IntelBroker has demonstrated capabilities in exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities, which are previously unknown software flaws that can be used to bypass security protections. They have utilized such vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access and steal sensitive data.

Modus Operandi:

  • IntelBroker often uses sophisticated tactics including social engineering and software exploitation to access and extract valuable data.
  • The actor frequently sells the stolen data on dark web forums, often for cryptocurrencies, which adds a layer of anonymity to their transactions.

Impact and Risks:

  • The breaches orchestrated by IntelBroker have led to significant exposure of sensitive government and corporate data, potentially endangering national security and individual privacy.
  • Their activities have also contributed to financial losses and reputational damage for the affected organizations.

Cybersecurity Concerns:

  • IntelBroker's actions underscore the critical vulnerabilities within current cybersecurity measures and the continuous need for improved defenses and quicker incident response strategies.
  • Organizations are advised to enhance their security postures by implementing regular security audits, employee training programs, robust access controls, and encryption protocols to safeguard against similar threat actors.

IntelBroker's activities reflect a high level of skill and coordination, making them a significant threat in the cyber landscape. Their continuous evolution in tactics and targets necessitates vigilant and adaptive cybersecurity measures​ (Hackread)​​ (Threat Virus)​​ (CPO Magazine)​.