I ask that you leave a review in exchange for this labor of love that took me a year and a half to create, in exchange for the next 3 days, the book will be completely free! The book will be free from Oct. 13, 2022 – Oct 15, 2022.

I have been talking about this book with a ton of people over the last year or so. The point of it is to give someone a detailed account of what to do and what not to do when writing a Compassionate Release motion. The book is over 500 pages, and I tried to include EVERYTHING that I thought would be needed for someone if they were on a COVID lockdown and being denied access to the law library in federal prison.

I know how this goes because I was in federal prison on COVID lockdowns, and I acted as my own lawyer and wrote my own compassionate release motion and got myself out of prison after 18 months of a 60 month sentence!

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My goal is to get people out of federal prison!

My goal with this book was to help others do the same and fight for their release! If you are a loved one with a family member or friend locked up inside, you can get this book go through it, and write a compassionate release motion. You can tell your LO what they need to do to help you do this, I describe the process in detail.

Compassionate Release Book By Sam Bent
From book compassionate release by sam bent

I also provide case citations that can be used to back up your position. Additionally, you will find all the addresses of all the U.S. District Courts so, if someone who is incarcerated cannot get this information, they can still send the motion they create out!

Compassionate Release Book Toc Part 1 By Sam Bent
Table of contents part 1
Compassionate Release Book Toc Part 2 By Sam Bent
Table of contents part 2
Compassionate Release Book Toc Part 3 By Sam Bent
Table of contents part 3

Alternatively, you can buy the book’s paperback version and send it to them if they want to write it themselves or write it with you.


My motivation when I was incarcerated was my wife, who encouraged me to NEVER stop fighting in order to get myself out of prison. Because of her constant motivation and assistance, I wrote my motion and submitted it, and was released about 3 years early. My original release date was: 1/3/2024!

Why am I giving it away?

I am giving the book away so that you can use it, OR see if you think it’s worth buying for your loved one BEFORE you spend the money, which for so many people nowadays is tight.

Book versions

The first version is the E-book version. This version is priced very cheaply because there is no overhead, and it’s designed as a beta test for individuals that want to write a compassionate release for their loved one, or for them to see what’s in the book before buying it.

ISBN 979-8-88722-037-6 (ebook)

The second version is the paperback version NO hardcover version exists because most facilities disallow it. This is considerably more expensive as the book uses many pictures and has many pages.

ISBN 979-8-88722-036-9 (paperback)

What this book is not

I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice. You getting this book guarantees NOTHING. Every judge rules differently! Every Circuit is different! That said, the goal of this book is NOT to give you empty promises, so I say in it MULTIPLE times that doing everything in it is by no means a promise that you will get out but rather a kind of short hand guide that I would give someone who was incarcerated in federal prison if I sat down with them personally.


I want to say sorry ahead of time. I am sure that this book will have a bunch of errors in grammar and punctuation in it. I was the editor, writer, graphics artist, frontmatter, and publisher! I did it all, because I wanted to get the information out there which involved me learning multiple applications like photoshop and mastering others like word and adobe acrobat. This is all in addition to make the content and structure it. So, sorry about that a head of time.