Federal Prison Sentence For Chelsea Mcintyre

A lady from the Central Coast has been sentenced to 17 and a half years in federal prison for possessing a quantity of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute.

McIntyre’s Previous Sentence

Chelsea McIntyre, 31, of Cambria, was sentenced to 210 months in federal prison on Monday, February 7th, by United States District Judge R. Gary Klausner. McIntyre had previously been sentenced to 210 months in federal prison. McIntyre had already been sentenced to 210 months in federal prison when the incident occurred. It’s always a bad hit to get another indictment before you have even wrapped up your bid for the first one. I guess Chelsea is just ambitious like that.

Mcintyre Arroyo Grande Police

Arroyo Grande Police Department (AGPD) officers detained McIntyre on January 30, 2019, for possession of a controlled substance under the influence of alcohol. The next day, she was freed from custody. Following a collaborative investigation by the FBI and the AGPD, a federal grand jury in April 2019 indicted McIntyre on charges of knowingly and willfully possessing with intent to distribute approximately 88.3 grams of methamphetamine, a Schedule II prohibited narcotic, with the intent to distribute.

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Despite the fact that McIntyre filed a guilty plea to one of the charges laid forth in the indictment in February 2020, she was able to depart the country before being sentenced. The court ordered McIntyre to wear an ankle monitor for her sentencing hearing in early 2021, but she failed to show up for the hearing after removing the device.

McIntyre pleaded guilty to the charge in the indictment in February 2020 but became a fugitive prior to being sentenced because in early 2021 she removed her court-administered ankle monitor and failed to appear for her sentencing hearing. Apparently, she did not take well to the common saying that it’s a fashion accessory.

End of the Line

She had been on the run for more than eight months when she was captured on August 24, 2021, in Bakersfield, California, by officers from the FBI and the Bakersfield Police Department, who had been tracking her down.

A joint investigation by the FBI’s Central Coast Safe Streets Task Force and the Arroyo Grande Police Department resulted in McIntyre’s arrest after both agencies investigated the matter. Specifically, the prosecution, in this case, was handled by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California.

Source: ImperialValleyNews