Recently, federal prison consultant Justin Paperny told The Times about Ghislaine Maxwell’s new confinement that:

“Her case is different because she’s already endured so much time in custody,” he told the outlet. “She’s been in this wretched, dank, cold, filthy detention center in Brooklyn which has really conditioned her for confinement. People are surprised to hear that once she is sentenced and makes her way to the federal correctional institution, she will actually feel like she’s in Disneyland compared to where she is now.” in this article.

Justin Paperny’s Experience in Federal Prison

Justin Paperny is a federal prison consultant that went to a camp for less than 18 months. He was in a minimum-security prison that is on the same level as an adult daycare center. There is little to no violence at a prison camp.

He self-surrendered there and has never been in any other institution, security level, or transit. And he would like you to believe that federal prison, as long as you are not in Brooklyn MDC is like ‘Disneyland’. My advice to Mr. Paperny would be to catch another bid and try out how a U.S. Penitentiary (a High-Security facility), or even a medium-security facility. Justin has not been in the feds for well over a decade at this point. There are even low-security facilities that can get crazy (like Fort Dix, home to 5,000 inmates/convicts).

A Reality that Justin Paperny Doesn’t Know About

From his quote, it’s safe to assume that he thinks that Brookly MDC is the only “Wretched, dank, cold, filthy” facility the BOP has! We can assure him, that is NOT the case. First off, Ghislaine Maxwell is a sex offender. Good luck making friends in any correctional institution. Camps or minimum security facilities like Justin Paperny were at as no sex offenders, so he has no clue how she will be treated because he has never seen how sex offenders are treated in the federal prison system.

Anyone who thinks that Justin Paperny may be correct, I encourage you to not take my word for it, but rather look at some of the other people who have been there. One of my favorites is Chad Marks, who served two decades behind bars, before getting himself released, at one of the actual worst facilities in the BOP, Big Sandy. Now Chad runs a very popular youtube channel and tries to educate kids on the U.S. Federal Prison System, and the dangers of it:

The name of the channel? Blood on the Razor Wire TV. Sound like Disneyland to you? I suggest Justin catch another case and go to a medium, or pen, or any facility for that matter that is not a minimum daycare, then we can reevaluate his position.