The darknets favorite forum and source of information Dread has been on a prolonged absence. Recently Hugbunter has stated why the legendary darknet forum has been dark, and what to expect in the future. In the video we talk a very little about some of the rumors that Dread will be making the move from the worlds most popular darknet, Tor to I2P, which is yet another darknet that exists. If you want to learn more about I2P head over to: The question in the thumbnail is one that has been floating around now for a little bit and one that I felt the need to answer, from the person who owns and has created the forum. In the video I mention that I had done a video on hugbunter before, here is the link for that: Hugbunter, Dread, and hacking – Deep Dot Darknet Here are some of the reddit pages that this information was sourced from: ————————————- PLAYLIST DESCRIPTION ————————————

In the “News” playlist I will be covering various topics not just stuff related to the darknet, or darknet markets but also various topics on the different news stories and items that I find interesting and I think that you my views my also find interesting. In addition we will look at various Operational Security, and Information Security news items. As always I look forward to hearing from you all in the comments section and will respond as best as I can to each and everyone one of you.

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