Incognito, a once-trusted darknet marketplace, has shown its true colors through a series of despicable actions. First, they conducted a blatant exit scam, stealing from the very community that trusted them. Then, they stooped even lower by threatening to extort both buyers and vendors. As if that wasn’t enough, they had the audacity to claim it was all an April Fool’s joke, expecting everyone to believe that they had deleted all data as promised. This can be seen by going to “/records” on the incognito website, after logging in.

The fact that some vendors were willing to pay large sums to protect their customers is a testament to the misguided sense of loyalty in this ruthless and untrustworthy environment.

Speculations about whether this is a law enforcement trap, a hack, or an inside job are rampant, but the truth remains unclear. What is clear, however, is that Incognito and its leader, Pharaoh, have no place in this community anymore. Their actions have caused irreparable damage, and they should disappear before causing further harm. At this point it seems like Pharaoh, is getting off on tricking people, and doing any further damage that he can.

The darknet has always been a volatile and unpredictable place, but Incognito’s betrayal has taken things to a new low. Trust, the very foundation of these hidden markets, has been shattered, leaving behind a trail of anger, frustration, and uncertainty. As the community tries to pick up the pieces, one thing is certain: Incognito’s legacy will forever be tainted by their despicable actions. The Darknet subculture and community will evolve from this, becoming stronger, and more resilient.