After the defendant, a 21-year-old man from Phoenix, pleaded guilty to charges related to a human smuggling operation he was running that led to a fatal crash involving a driver he recruited via Snapchat, a judge sentenced the defendant to more than six years in federal prison. The driver was involved in the accident.

It still is pretty amazing that had he been moving drugs instead of people he may never get out of prison. The fact that the punishment is less for smuggling human beings vs narcotics is pretty insane.

Human Smuggler pleads guilty

Human Smuggler At Az Federal Court House

Isaiah Lorenzo Brinkley entered a guilty plea for his role in a conspiracy to smuggle immigrants for profit, putting their lives in danger and ultimately leading to one person’s passing. On Friday, a federal court in Tucson handed down the punishment that was appropriate for him.

The allegations originate from an event that occurred in January 2020, in which a driver that Brinkley recruited was helping two aliens from Columbia flee from a Border Patrol checkpoint while carrying those individuals.

According to court documents and a press release issued by the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona, the driver of the Honda Pilot crashed after a brief pursuit, resulting in the driver’s death as well as the death of one of the immigrants from Columbia. The immigrant who survived sustained significant injuries, and the papers suggest that the immigrant who passed away was their father.

Az Federal Court House

According to the court documents, investigators discovered that Brinkley was in charge of operating the smuggling operation and recruited the driver via Snapchat. Brinkley stated that, in order to transport immigrants from the border to regions further inland, he was getting paid approximately $3,900 each individual immigrant and up to $12,000 per journey.

United States Federal Court House

When Brinkley was taken into custody, he was facing accusations of both aggravated armed robbery as well as a previous conviction for the petty offense of smuggling immigrants.

According to the records, he continued to operate the smuggling enterprise for a number of weeks following the deadly accident.