Billy Chemirmir Dallas Grandma Killer
Billy Chemirmir

According to a newspaper interview, a man accused of murdering 18 elderly people in the Dallas region over a two-year period claims he is innocent and will be exonerated of the charges against him.

Statement from Dallas County Jail

Billy Chemirmir remains in custody at the Dallas County Jail while he awaits a retrial on April 25 following a hung jury in the first trial in which he was charged with murder. He was acquitted of murder in the death of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris in November when a mistrial was declared.

Billy Chemirmir Dallas Grandma Killer

Chemirmir gave a phone interview to The Dallas Morning News from jail last week, in which he categorically disputed all of the claims against him and stated that he is “100 percent sure I will not go to prison”.

“I am not a killer,” Chemirmir told the newspaper. “I’m not at all what they’re saying I am. I am a very innocent person. I was not brought (up) that way. I was brought (up) in a good family. I didn’t have any problems all my life.”
Chemirmir was arrested in March 2018 when 91-year-old Mary Annis Bartel said that a man forced his way into her apartment at an independent living complex for seniors in the Dallas suburb of Plano, where she was staying at that time.

Billy Chemirmir Dallas Grandma Killer

Following the attack on Bartel, authorities traced Chemirmir down to his neighboring residence, where he was found to be in possession of valuables and cash. A trail of evidence led detectives to a Dallas residence where Harris was discovered dead in her bedroom with lipstick on her pillow, according to authorities. He had just thrown away a huge red jewelry box, which police claim contained the documents.

Chemirmir’s Accusations

Chemirmir is accused of using his position as a caregiver to stalk luxury senior living communities in Dallas and Collin counties, posing as a worker in order to gain entry into the apartments of elderly women before smothering them with a pillow and stealing their valuables, according to the police.

Chemirmir told the newspaper that he had just been in the wrong location at the wrong time, which was true. In addition, he claims that other members of his family, who have declined to speak to the newspaper, own and operate other senior care facilities in the Dallas area where no strange deaths have been reported.

Billy Chemirmir Dallas Grandma Killer

“If I was a killer, I could’ve killed all those ladies,” he said. “Nobody has been killed there.”

As reported by the publication, Chemirmir claims he was born and reared in Kenya’s Rift Valley and that his father is an extremely wealthy landowner. Chemirmir claimed he started working as a caregiver in Kenya before moving to the United States in 2003, where he sold automobiles before starting his current job as a senior caretaker in Dallas.

Cheryl Pangburn, whose mother, Marilyn Bixler, was killed in 2017 and is suspected of being one of Chemirmir’s alleged victims, said she was disappointed that he was reaching out to journalists to try and sway public opinion toward him.

“You hope that he feels some kind of remorse, and the fact is he feels nothing,” Pangburn said. “I cannot comprehend that the human mind can work that way.”

Source: FNN