Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott has announced that the city plans to sue Polymer80, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of “ghost gun” kits, the same day a Maryland state law to ban the sale, receipt and transfer of an unfinished frame or receiver that does not have a serial number by the manufacturer takes effect, reports the Washington Post.

Brandon M. Scott Ghost Gun Manufacturer
Brandon M. Scott

Maryland’s law requires previously purchased weapons to be properly imprinted with a serial number by a federally licensed dealer. Possessing an unserialized ghost gun, which are assembled from parts and sold in kits on the Internet, becomes illegal on March 1, 2023. Baltimore police recovered 352 ghost guns last year — an increase of more than 1,000 percent from 2019. So far this year authorities have seized 187 weapons with no serial numbers. The police chief earlier this year said officers had connected 69 acts of violence to ghost guns that were recovered in 2021