Then and Now

Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell’s days of tanning on a yacht and eating pricy food are over.

After being found guilty of charges of sex-trafficking a minor and going to federal prison, life will not be so easy for her. That said, I have seen other prison consultants like Justin Paperny say that “She’s enduring arguably the worst and filthiest prison in the country,” said Paperny. “Wherever she serves her time will feel like Disneyland compared to where she is right now.” Which is nonsense. Paperney lived in a camp or minimum security facility for his entire prison term. It shows his lack of understanding about what a medium or low-security prison can be like. He should try going to a medium-security prison that is popping off to see if it “feels like Disneyland”, he will soon realize that he is quite wrong.

Ghislaine Maxwell has been in SHU or solitary confinement this entire time.




Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell’s new life

Ghislaine Maxwell will face some of the things that women, who are in all likelihood mothers themselves, see a predator of young girls come into their midst to live for years with them.

Brooklyn sucks. That’s not a matter of debate, it’s been well chronicled, but other prisons are worse. I have known men who volunteered to go to Brooklyn because they hated the facility they were in so badly.

Ghislaine Maxwell will not be making any friends, and she will not be safely tucked away in her cell, as she is currently. She has not had to face violence, having her paperwork checked, or anyone trying to “send her up top”, a term used when convicts force an inmate to “check-in” or go into protective custody. Protective custody = shu = solitary confinement. Nobody will be guessing the paperwork because it’s been highly publicized.

Familial Ties – Men vs. Woman in prison

In men’s prisons, you have gangs and “cars”. For example, when I was incarcerated, I was with the “Boston” guys or people from Massachusetts. Women tend to be different. They form a sort of family, with a dominant woman being called “dad”, “uncle,” etc., and the more feminine woman being given names like “mom” and “aunt”.
Maxwell will most likely find women who will eventually take her on as fellow inmates because they have the same charges. If Ghislaine Maxwell is smart, she will keep to herself. We have seen that she has a history of complaining, not surprising given the differences in living style going from being rich to being in the BOP is a massive difference. It’s like living in a nice suburb in a mid-west town to moving to a bad section of NYC. Having money or convicts thinking she does will make her a target for extortion. Having the charges she has will also make her a target for assaults.

BOP Security Levels and what they mean

Being found guilty of a sexual crime, Ghislaine Maxwell will not be allowed to go to a minimum-security camp. In the feds, there are levels to Security are:

  1. Super Max (Like ADX)
  2. Max (a U.S. Penitentiary)
  3. Administrative Security (mix of all security classes)
  4. Medium (FCI or Federal Correctional Institution)
  5. Low (FCI)
  6. Minimum (a camp)
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Sex offenders are prohibited from going to minimums, as are arsonists. Those crimes are considered “Greatest Severity”. Ghislaine Maxwell will also not be sent to ADX,

as she is just not that much of a security concern for the BOP. They are assigned a custody level through the BOP’s century program. This is different from a “Security Level”:

In this example, you can see that men and women are scored differently. You will also notice there is no medium security level for women.

The security level Ghislaine Maxwell goes to will determine how bad her life will be accompanied by who is currently there with her. According to the BOP’s program statement here, there is NO medium for female inmates: Based on Ghislaine Maxwell’s security points, they will assign a security level. Some factors that weigh into that are time left, if violence was used, prior criminal history, leadership roles, enabler role, etc.

Here, the higher the security level, the more violence and danger that exists. This is most likely true. However, some lows are worse than some mediums, and some are worse than some U.S. Penitentiary (USP). Violence tends to come in waves at a USP, referred to as “Poping off”.

The security level matters less than who you are with, which is a variable that prison consultants seldom account for because it cannot be. Unless that consultant was in that prison a few weeks ago, one this I.S. universal, at the end of the day, sex crimes like Ghislaine Maxwell, are looked at by other prisoners as in some cases, and attack on their own family, as they are not out there and cannot do anything to protect there loved ones that are outside of the prison walls. As such, they tend to target individuals with sex crimes (or individuals who gave evidence). Who is hated more, sexual motivated criminals or criminals who gave information, is a never-ending debate among prisoners. Most sex offenders think they are better than people who have given evidence. I have heard child preditors say, “I may be a chomo, but I am no rat” Chomo- is a short-hand derogatory term for a child molester in the feds.

Web News.danbury Ghislaine Maxwell - Freshly Convicted Her New Home In The Bop

Likewise, I have also seen people who gave evidence, say “I may have told, but I am not some sick chomo”. As I said, it’s a never-ending debate.

Either way, it’s not going to be a “camp” or “club fed” (check here to learn the truth behind the “club fed” misunderstanding). And it’s not a fictional T.V. show, made for entertainment. She will be in a real prison, with real people.

Who those people are will dictate how tough Ghislaine Maxwell’s stay is.