Learn how to install, and configure I2P in under 10 minutes! In this video tutorial we are going to look at how to get onto Dread using I2P. This process is very easy and straight forward. If you want the distilled directions to check out the “how to: Distilled” section below to see the breakdown of the 9 steps required with no extra!

If you want to learn more about I2P head over to: https://geti2p.net/en/

Dread on I2P: http://dreadtoobigdsrxg4yfspcyjr3k6675vftyco5pyb7wg4pr4dwjq.b32.i2p

Dread Alerts: https://www.reddit.com/r/DreadAlert/

————————————- How to: distilled ————————————-

1. go to geti2p.net

2. Click “”Get I2P 1.9.0” green button

3. Click “I2P Easy Install Bundle for Windows (beta)” green button.

4. Click on “I2P-Profile-Installer01.9.5-signed.exe” green button. 5. Once the download finishes run the installer

6. Ensure that firefox and/or tor browswer is installed.

7. Run I2P from desktop. 8. go to bandwith test (you can see this in the video) and run it. 9. Visit dread on i2p at: http://dreadtoobigdsrxg4yfspcyjr3k6675vftyco5pyb7wg4pr4dwjq.b32.i2p

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The “how to” playlist will focus on practical and short winded guides on how to do random things regarding various topics. The goal of the how to playlist will be to offer easy to follow guides, that typically can be done in a short amount of time.

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