Jermaine Wilson’s story of how he went from drug dealer to mayor is absolutely amazing. It’s something that everyone should watch at least once. We find very few truly amazing stories from ex-inmates and convicts every once in a while, and this definitely qualifies as one of them.

This story is told by an organization called Prison Fellowship.

Here is a quote from Mr. Wilson’s Linkedin profile:

My name is Jermaine Wilson, my life story is about hope and redemption. 4 year of my life I spent incarcerated, 4 years in Juvenile Corrections and 3 years in prison. During my time of incarceration, I became a Christian. I discovered my purpose while in prison. (The process prepared me for my purpose) After being released from prison I started serving my community, created a non profit organization called Unity in the Community Movement, working with our local law enforcement to build trust between Citizens and Law enforcement. My criminal record was expunged in 2015 and I became the Mayor of Leavenworth, Ks in 2019. My story has been featured on Good Morning America, CBS on the Road with Steve Hartman, The Huckabee Show and my latest interview has been featured on CBN the 700 Club. I travel throughout the world sharing my testimony of hope and redemption. In 2021 I will be releasing my Autobiography called From Lawbreaker to Lawmaker. For more information please email me at or give me a call at 913-617-3667.
Remember with God all things are possible.

We are excited to hear that he will be putting out an Autobiography and think that the title could not have been more perfect! We look forward to buying a copy!