In this episode of Deep Dot Darknet we answer Hank Hill’s question: “What is better federal prison or state prison?” From the start, it’s clear that this is a complicated and nuanced topic that a lot of YouTube channels need to cover well. To begin, we compare the characteristics of federal prisons, examining factors such as the types of inmates you are likely to encounter and the cost per day of incarceration. We talk about the disgusting food which I actually wrote an article about here: One aspect of this video is the discussion of the differences between isolation and quarantine in prison, and how even the staff don’t understand this concept in federal prison. The consequences for this are dire. We also delve into the issue of who exactly is serving time in federal prisons. Are they the most elite prisoners or the worst of the worst? I don’t operate with a script. I like to respond to your questions as naturally as possible. As a result sometimes I go off topic.

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