Hiring a federal prison consultant and sentence mitigation expert may be the first step toward the best transition in a carcerative setting. It will allow you to ensure that you are given the least amount of time possible and are prepared to do it correctly. “the United States has less than five percent of the world’s population, yet we have almost 25 percent of the world’s total prison population” (Washington Post 2022). In the United States, we have put more people in prison per capita than any other nation on earth in history.

When federal authorities indict defendants, the defendants have to broaden their thinking. They need to think about topics that never crossed their mind before. Some hire a criminal defense attorney and then hope for the best. Others take a more proactive approach. They assemble a team of experts to guide them.

A criminal defense attorney is necessary to navigate judicial proceedings. Yet since defendants know a conviction is possible, they find others who can prepare them for challenges that would follow. These are the people who hire a sentence mitigation expert and a prison consultant. In turn, typically, these are the people who are given the least amount of time and can quickly adapt to life as an inmate the fastest while being given the shortest possible sentence.

A Sentence Mitigation ExpertSentence Mitigation Expert

A defendant who wants to position himself for the lowest sanction possible may hire a sentence mitigation expert. A sentence mitigation expert will create a comprehensive narrative of the individual’s life. Preparing that narrative will require considerable amounts of one-on-one time.

The sentence mitigation expert will use a question-based approach to understand the defendant’s life fully. Then, the expert will craft a narrative that shows the individual’s humanity. Ideally, the narrative will highlight the good work the individual has done. That sentencing package will help to mitigate the crime, showing the defendant as a contributing member of society, in addition to providing rational reasons for the crime that may have existed.

A good sentence mitigation expert will also work to build supporting documentation.

It should include testimonial letters and character references from others. This highly personalized narrative will strengthen the defense attorney’s argument for the lowest possible sentence. Furthermore, the strategy will prepare the defendant to deliver a compelling testimony at the sentencing hearing. The sentence mitigation expert will typically be a prison consultant or federal prison consultant.

Federal Prison ConsultantFederal Prison Consultant

To round out the defense team, the defendant should work with a competent prison consultant if, for some reason, the sentence mitigation expert is not one. Due diligence is required when choosing an effective prison consultant. Many people convicted of fraud served a few months in a single prison and considered themselves experts on the prison system. This is total nonsense. They will, in turn, give you bad advice if you go any other place than the one that that person consultant was at.

Others are former correctional officers who know nothing aboit’shat it’s like to be a prisoner and be powerless because they elected to be in prison and get paid for it. They collect pensions from the BOP while marketing themselves as prison experts, advising defendants on boilerplate that is available anywhere. What prison politics are really like, is completely beyond their understanding.

A true federal prison consultant offers more valuable information. He empowers the defendant. By drawing upon a depth and breadth of experience that is easily verifiable, the federal prison consultant will prepare the defendant to master the prison experience. He will position the defendant for a prison designation in the easiest facility. He will teach the defendant about options he can pursue to lead a life of meaning and relevance inside. Further, a strong prison consultant will help the defendant establish a comprehensive strategy to ensure he returns to society with dignity and opportunities to resume a life of relevance.

Don’t get duped by a federal prison consultant who only stayed at a camp or minimum security facility his whole time for a few months and, in turn, wishes to profit off of his experience. Hire a federal prison consultant who knows what they are doing and has a proven track record that shows what they have achieved.

DIY Federal Prison Consultant Diy

Do I have to hire a prison consultant and sentence mitigation, expert? No. You can figure this all out on your own. However, doing that is much like representing yourself. You can do it, should you is the real question. In my opinion, no, most people should not. None of this is rocket science by any means. Still, there is a lot of insider information that a federal prison consultant will have and the sentence mitigation expert that will aid you in obtaining the best results from your situation. At DoingFedTime, we have been there. Facing a federal case is one of the most stressful things you will have to deal with, and we are here to help.

Unlike many of the sharks out there, who give small tips in hopes of luring you into paying them, we freely give out advice to anyone, both there and on social media. We are not “white-collar criminals,” and it does not matter what “collar” you have because when you’re a prisoner in the FBOP, you WILL have on the same color as the drug dealer, rapist, murderer, and terrorist. Your collar color matters to no one but those parasitic federal prison consultants that want to make you feel special as part of their advertising gimmick. Don’t fall for it. Hire a federal prison consultant who has been to an actual prison and not a daycare. Hire a convict and not an inmate, and can tell you the difference and how to do time the right way.

If you are going to DIY, then periodically check out this section of our blog to get the best tips on what to expect and how to handle it.