Many questions remain about how a prisoner escaped a federal prison camp in McMinnville on April 25 and members of the public weren’t notified about it until early May.

Most inmates that are at a federal prison camp, have next to no risk in leaving. Most have either been in prison for a long period of time, or are non-violent offenders that have short sentences. When I say short sentences keep in mind I am talking in comparison to the average sentence of someone incarcerated in federal prison (15 years is the average).

Andrew Cain Kristovich was originally arrested by federal agents in 2018 on gun charges and a conspiracy to distribute fentanyl-laced imitation oxycodone pills.

Federal Prison Camp

Authorities say he escaped FCI Sheridan on April 25, then traveled to an associate’s house in Clark County, Washington, where he allegedly assaulted and raped the person before fleeing with their debit card, cellphone and car.

The U.S. Marshals Service in Oregon told KOIN 6 News Clark County deputies have probable cause to charge Kristovich with multiple felonies from the attack, including rape, strangulation and robbery. It was not clear when the attack happened.

The Sheridan facility is described as a “medium security federal correctional institution with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp and a detention center.”

Kristovich walked away from the minimum-security camp around 3:30 a.m. on April 25.

It’s said he “walked away” because these types of institutions in the federal prison system (camps) rarely have fences and razor wire up. There are a few camps that have fences, but definitely not all of them. As stated above, most of the time they are not needed because people that are there, are not there for long periods of time.

Federal Prison

No sex offenders are allowed to live at the federal prison camp, nor are arsonists, or anyone who the federal prison system considers a “Greatest severity” for the crime they committed. Mr. Kristovich is going to dislike where he ends up when they actually do catch him. It’s most likely that he will go from a security level of minimum to medium or even high security.

Being an escape risk could absolutely put him in that category. With the new felonies, he can forget his original release date, and should anticipate getting at least 4-7 years added, just for walking away from the camp, never mind the other crimes that he is accused of.

Twice, the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office was asked if the prison told them about the escape and when residents were told.

At this time, they have not provided a direct answer.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons said the US Marshals and other law enforcement were told about Kristovich’s escape. But federal officials did not say which law enforcement agencies were told, nor have they responded about their protocols for notifying the community when a prisoner escapes.

Federal Prison Fci Sheridan

This is most likely because they do not want fact-checkers verifying the story. When the federal prison system does something right or does a reasonable job at it, they put out a press release, and have one of their puppet heads give an on-the-record quote.

When the federal prison system messes up they, like a child stall for time, and delay releasing any details until they figure out the best way to either cover it up or lie about it.

This case is no different and shows the BOP’s true colors.

The federal prison system loves to brag about the good they do for ‘their communities’ but it’s times like this where they show their true colors.

‘We should have known what happened’

The mayor of Sheridan declined to comment on behalf of the city but referred KOIN 6 News to the Bureau of Prisons. Probably because even though he is the mayor, he knows nothing. The BOP does not consider local representatives special, this is because at the end of the day the BOP is accountable to no one, but itself, which proves to be an often fatal repercussion of being an autonomous institution.

One man who lives about a quarter-mile from the Sheridan prison declined to go on camera for safety reasons. But he said he and his family should have been notified.

“We should’ve known what happened. Somebody broke out of prison and did all this stuff, raped somebody,” he said. “Yes definitely. Definitely need to make it more known around here to everybody.

He added the prison needs “to hire more help and make sure people don’t just walk away like that.”

At the end of the day, minimum security inmates are just that, minimum security. This writer hates the BOP, but will say that the people who typically make it to the camps, deserve to be there. They have the lowest chances of recidivism, and typically follow the majority of the rules when there (myself excluded).

Federal Prison Camp

Kristovich, who has ties with Snohomish County, is described as 5-feet-8, 180 pounds with brown hair and green eyes. He has tattoos on his hands — one says “sacrifice” the other says “focus.” He is considered armed and dangerous.

  • Right Arm
  • Left Arm
  • Hands