When the federal Bureau of Prisons ignored complaints and did nothing to address asbestos and mold contamination at FCI Dublin in California.

FCI Dublin had already come under fire and been given the nickname the “Rape Club” for it’s rampant sexual abuse of inmates, with multiple indictments being handed down, a government watchdog found a “substantial likelihood” that the agency had committed wrongdoing.

Even prior inmates have come forward to talk about the corruption rampant at the dubiously named “rape club”:

Following the filing of multiple whistleblower reports earlier this year, the United States Office of Special Counsel is now requesting that Attorney General Merrick Garland intervene to examine the allegations.

The office detailed its findings in a letter sent out this week, and Garland has been ordered to provide a report within 60 days of receiving the letter.

Several whistleblower reports, including one submitted by union officials at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, Calif., said that:

senior Bureau of Prisons officials had failed to take appropriate action in response to allegations of workplace contamination at the facility. The union states that its frequent complaints that correctional officers and other prison employees, as well as inmates, were exposed to potentially harmful mildew and asbestos were dismissed.

Most likely due to the fact that the BOP was already hard at work, trying to cover up not only the rampant sexual abuse that was taking place at FCI Dublin, but also, the fact that the initial warden they sent in to replace the indicted warden was stupid enough to document his attempt at covering up the flagrant sexual abuse at the facility. Along with the former warden, the Chaplin, a correctional officer, and the foodservice supervisor have also all plead guilty.

The Rape Club Federal Fci Dublin

This all resulted in Michal Carvajal the retiring director of the federal prison system to make an internal message to staff essentially begging them to stop being corrupt.

Mr. Edward Canales, head of the Dublin union, stated that “management’s failure to address unsafe and dangerous working conditions at FCI Dublin has placed the health and safety of both employees and inmates at significant risk.”

“We are looking forward to the outcome of this investigation, which we hope will result in the unsafe conditions being remedied and appropriate disciplinary actions being taken against the managers who failed to take appropriate actions.”

OIG investigation into Dublin aka “rape club” is already underway for something else

The Justice Department is already looking into allegations of significant wrongdoing at Dublin Correctional Facility, where five personnel, including the previous warden, have been charged with sexually abusing inmates. An investigation conducted by the Associated Press earlier this year found a pattern of sexual misbehavior and outlined a toxic atmosphere that allowed it to persist for years without being discovered.

Fci Dublin

Following the publication of the Associated Press’s research, whistleblowers at the prison said they were being attacked for speaking out. An 18-member task force from the Bureau of Prisons visited the jail in March to investigate the circumstances there and to make recommendations for reforming the facility. Michael Carvajal, the agency’s director, paid a visit to the facility as well.

In a statement released on Saturday, the Justice Department said it had received the letter and “appreciates OSC’s responsiveness to these concerns.” According to the statement, the Bureau of Prisons was “responding to concerns raised by staff at Dublin and working to ensure that all facilities are operating in a safe and healthy environment.”

Sounds like they are failing. No secret to anyone who has actually ever been to a federal facility.

The Bureau of Prisons stated in a statement that its staff members conduct weekly fire, safety, and sanitation inspections, and that staff members are encouraged to report unsafe or unhealthy situations to their supervisors if they are observed.

Those who suspect that such a circumstance exists should notify the warden, other prison system officials, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, according to the statement. That said, the prior wardens put in charge would try to single out whistleblowers, so that may not be the best idea.

Federal Bureau Of Prisons Bullies There Own Employees

A nondescriptive, generic blanket statement from Bureau of Prisons spokesman Emery Nelson stated that “all safety concerns reported by staff at Dublin are being addressed.”

Despite finding “a substantial likelihood of wrongdoing” based on the complaint that was submitted, the Office of Special Counsel stated that the referral to Garland did not constitute a final conclusion.

The matter will stay open until the agency presents its final report, which will then be forwarded to President Joe Biden and members of Congress for their consideration and consideration.

source: thecolumbian