14 23 59 Ohio Attorney Generals Office Offenderwatch® Sex Offender Management Mapping A Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

You should really read this whole article. Then you should share it. Seriously, it may stop someone’s, kids, from being abducted (not even joking). Be warned though, it may make you sick to your stomach. I know investigating and writing it made me that way.

Everything stated here is backed up by paperwork, or Kronenberger’s own words. I don’t call him by his first name in this article because we are not, nor will we ever be friends.

Consider this a Public Service Announcement for the Criminal Justice community and those activists out there, who really care and are not in it for the attention and basic social interaction, like Kronenberger.

Kronenberger is a Prison “Advocate”. We have that in quotes because in the end, it’s just what he chose to use to get close to people, and their children. Most people part of familial prison support groups on Facebook, are families. Most families have children. That’s relevant because of the next sentence.

Kronenberger is a child predator. That’s not only my personal opinion but also his actual label given to him by the state of Ohio. This label is in fact the highest classification a sex offender can have in Ohio.

He has established organizations and nonprofits that speak about it. Presumable, to attack woman who have children, and there husbands/boyfriends are incarcerated, leaving them for the most part with out a babysitter, second opinion, or a male presence to rely on in there familial setting.

It’s highly likely that he has ensured that his group has the term “Ohio” in it so he attracts those within driving distance to him, the easiest prey, to Kroneberger so to speak, or rather the most convenient. He enjoys going to prison rallys for prisoner rights where there is an abundance of women and children (as he said he has no preference on the sex of the child, as long as it’s a child, more on that later).

That said, this article is not only about him, it’s also about the Group Creator on facebook that still continues to this day to give him a group of unsuspecting people in her group to exploit. Here is her orignal account. Don’t worry we will cover that in detail, as well as her statements about how she would have no issue having him watch her young daughter. A statement that echos true, in light of the fact that she has him over her house to make videos on a regular basis.

Debunking Kronenbeergers Attempts at Justification

If you talk to him, he will tell you it was an “adolescent mistake” and that “he was only 17”, or that he was “the victim of human trafficking and sexual exploitation” as a child. Let’s review his documentation, and you tell me if it was a “mistake”. First off, the excuse of “I was 17” is nonsense. He has actually been arrested 3 times.

Myth 1: “I only had 1 charge when I was 17!”

See this video for the timeline (featured on the news) where Duane Pohlman from WKRC is exposing him in a group he was in prior to migrating to social media, where he though it would be more safe. In the short video clip below he admits to being a sexual preditor, and that he cannot change. Furthermore, he states that he:

  1. “doesn’t dwell on it” when speaking about his sexually predatory behavior and by osmosis his victims.
  2. He states that he “probably does” have thoughts about having sex with children.

When questions about why he has not told anyone in his activist group about the real charges he claims “no one asked”. Which is an obvious lie if you watch the entire interview, as the leader of the organization had admitted that he did tell them that he had one charge, and that it was essentially an adolescent mistake.

Kronenbergers Charges

In the video you will see the news state that his record is as follows:

  1. First Charge (5 counts)relating to sexual crimes against children was in 1987 for “Child enticement”.
  2. Second Charge (2 counts) of attempted Kidnapping with the “purpose of engaging in sexual activity”. In 1993. 
  3. Third Charge (2 counts) Telecommunications harassment of children. In 2003. In that case, one of the known victims was a 5 year old boy.

Kronenbergers First (5 counts) Charge in 1987

Where he would expose him self to random children he found around town and have a conversation with that child while he masturbated, asking questions like “Do you know what I am touching right now?”.

Did we mention that he admitted to do this at least 25 times? This was in a short 4 month period that he was talking about, mind you.

James Kronenberger
Kronenberger Confesses to his crime
He admits that he may attempt to abduct a child for sexual gratification in the interview – as noted.

Likely, the number is much higher than that. When a drug dealer is caught with a kilo it’s highly unlikely that it’s his first and only kilo.

His victims were as young as 8, 7, and 6 years of age. He was given probation.

In the PDF we linked you can also read the victim’s statement confirming disturbing details like how he had a “baby on board” sign hanging up on his car, and the fact that one of the victims was able to give an exact description of Kronenberger.

He even warned the Detective (Timothy Hall) in his interview that not only could he not provide a reliable number for how many children he had done this to in the 4 month period, but that he had no preference when it came to sex. He said the his sickness was progressing and possibly to the extreme of him thinking he might attempt to abduct a child. Sure enough, that’s what happened next in 1993.

Details of his second charge against children.

Kronenbergers Second (2 counts) Charge in 1993

The known victims were 7 and 10. He was given probation. This time he did not admit to additional violations of children. He had most likely learned from he first go around that saying something like that would be used against him. Here as a short description of that day by the prosecutor in responding to Kronenberger’s request for freedom.

Notice the “previous incident” noted. To this day Kronenberger denies his guilt, and says that he never actually planned on taking the children (which in his mind makes it okay). What would be the point of walking them to the car then?

Kronenbergers Third Charge (2 Counts) in 2003

While he was still on probation for his prior charge, Kronenberger was caught talking to children over the telephone. This was most likely an attempt to stay physically away from them, but still, be able to abduct them. He would call them up at their homes. How many children he tried to lure out of their homes we may never know. But, we know it happened because we have the records to prove it.

12 20 55 James Official Paperwork Pdf Secured Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc 32 Bit Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

Kronenberger’s Predatory Evolution to FB Groups

Many criminals, including both sex offenders, murderers, and drug traffickers evolve over a period of time if they have decided to repeat the behavior. They learn and adapt. This is absolutely true in his case. He started off as we described earlier, and with every reoffense, has tried to get away with it in a more technical way.

First, he was caught by using his car, so the second time, he did not pull up in it. He walked up to the kids in the park and convinced them to come with him to his car. When that did not work he started using the telephone. He has now evolved to using social

Kronenbergers Likes
I think “Sorry not sorry” definitely describes him perfectly.

media. Some of Kronenbergers likes I found interesting:

This article as I said before is being written as a public service announcement so that those people with kids can decide if they want this man in the groups they are in, giving them advice like he is some expert, and having access to their profiles with pictures of there kids, and details about there homelives.

20 07 03 1 Messenger Facebook Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

How DoingFedTime got him removed as a FB Group Admin

Kronenberger found Lindsey Clair. The Group admin and founder of FP Coalition for Action. In short it’s a Facebook group for criminal justice reform. Being an advocate myself, I am a member of many of these types of groups. If your reading this then you may be as well. Kronenberger started a group chat. Of which I was included. I saw messages popping up on February 15, 2022 from this chat so I clicked on it to see what was going on. They were talking about (no shock) “second chances” and the criminal justice system. Kronenberger is a big one on “second chances”, even though he has done escalating sexual predatory acts 3x in a row now. He likes to talk about how “people should not be judge for what they do”. True with some things, but if someone hits you in the face and you tell them not to do it, then they do it again, and you say the same thing, and they do it a third time you may want to assume that they will do it a 4th time, so you don’t get your jaw broke. It’s just common sense.

I wrote “fuck the BOP”. Kronenberger feeling self-righteous, and in some inconceivable way having the ability to tell people what to say told me that “We need to watch our language in here please”. I am an anti-authoritarian to my core. I hate being told what to do. But, I am also not stupid enough to flip unless I know someones full story. You never know who you are dealing with. I did a quick google search and was more or less horrified to find what I found about him. (links at the bottom of this article). As such, I fired back, with two barrels.

Me banned from : facebook.com/groups/384418933492186/ aka FP Coalition for action, for speaking out and calling out the admin of it.

Yea, you could say he pissed me off. Not only did he not deny it, but being him, he lied about his case. See Kronenberger never “fought his case”. He pled guilty, to all THREE of them in fact.

You can see at the bottom of the screenshot he was not happy about that information being put out there and banned me. His next move was to ban me from the actual group, and not just the group chat, in a feeble attempt to silence me from letting everyone know.

I am still in attack mode though at this point, so I messaged him.

Kronenburger did not like that to much either. He sure loves to talk about “not judging” people, then again, if I was in his shoes, I would probably say the same thing, considering that there is nothing really else you can say.

20 42 05 James Kronenberger Facebook Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

He was not a fan of this, and as you can see at the bottom he banned me personally. What can you say to that? Now, remember we saw Kronenberger had Three charges, NOT one. He likes to minimize his position as much as possible. For someone loaded with fact’s though that’s impossible. As manipulation is not an option in this case Kronenberger simply decides to retreat or hide through the action of blocking me.

Here is what Ernie Gray, 45th Space Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinator has to say about sex offenders, and how Kronenburger aligns perfectly with this assessment:

There is no such thing as a “typical” sex offender, however most tend to be manipulative, deceptive, narcissistic, sexist, and secretive, with feelings of entitlement. Sex offenders come from all backgrounds, ages, socioeconomic and ethnic groups. The majority of offenses are committed by someone the victim knows.

Sexual predators are adapting and evolving every day. They are getting better at falling through the cracks and blending in with society.

Most offenders will identify the potential victim well before committing a sexual offence. Offenders use sexual fantasies to rehearse possible offending scenarios. The potential victim is selected based on their vulnerability and accessibility, and because the offender sees an opportunity to offend without getting caught. This is why vigilance and being good wingmen are so important.

We can see a lot of his personality in this statement. That was it for Kronenburger’s interactions with me. For which, I could not have been happier.

The Facebook Group Founder, who says we should “get to know him”

Lindsey Clair aka other FB profile is the other admin on FP coalition for action. She is also Besties with Kronenberger. She also lives in Ohio, and has a young daughter. She also has Kronenberger over her house on a regular basis to make Facebook videos and youtube videos.

I am not going to retype this entire convo, BUT I have outlined in red, all of the “wtf” moments for you. It starts off with me telling her the truth. Reading through it, you can tell she is in denial. I would NOT have published her name or her statements. So why did I? I waited about a week to see what she would do. She did remove him, when I said, that I would leave the group more or less. That said, he is still a member there, and she has never told the group why he was removed as an admin, or even who he is.

Her silence and covering up of who this man is was my primary motivation to write this article.

Untitled 1 Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

We can see in the next set that she is understandably shaken from the revelation that this man is who he is.

The fact she knew he was a sex offender and still did not tell her group, was kind of disturbing, but I looked past it. Honestly, at this point I was happy to not hear something like “yea I knew, I don’t care”.

Untitled 2 Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

But then like a light switch she changes up, and starts defending him, and talking about “what he has been through”. At this point, I have sent her all the documentation of this guy who he is what he has done and proof of all of it, including his interview and all court documentation.

Untitled 3 Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

Being in denial is one thing. totally understandable at this point, I guess (not really for me, but even so). We are about to transition from that to full-on defending him. Unlike you reading this, she has obviously not read anything I have sent her yet.

Untitled 4 Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

Here is the audio of what she said about how, I as a darknet vendor selling weed, xtc, hash, and powdered coke was “Just as bad” as what he had done. I disagree with this. Everyone I did business with contented and WANTED what they were buying. My hundreds of 5-star reviews indicated that. However, the next part, blew me away! Read it for yourself. I highlighted (one of the crazy things she said) in a red rectangle.

Untitled 5 Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

I get being in shock, but saying you would let him babysit? As a father of 4, this really blew me away. I never thought I would actually hear a mother say this. It reminded me about the post I made about the guy who babysat for people and raped at least 20+ kids while video taping it all.

Untitled 6 Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

Shortly after this Lindsey made Kronenberger an admin again:

10 26 14 1 Fp Coalition For Action Facebook Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger
14 52 52 Linsey Clair And The Chomo 0811 2 19 22 Mp4 Vlc Media Player Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

When I asked her about it she quickly undid it and said that it was because “she did not know how to live stream”.

To this day Lindsey still has him over at her house and does videos with him.

He posts random creepy “Hello” messages on her group discussion in a pathetic attempt to get some attention for himself.

Now Kronenberger is creating his own “charity”.  And trying to promote Lindsey.

James Kronenberger
Taken as I write this article by a friend, who knows about Kronenberger.

Kronenberger’s pool of victims/audience grows

He has embedded himself into every possible social network, as you can see in the picture proudly advertises it. God forbid he miss an opportunity to exploit the trust of someone and get to a child. Now he is having a fundraiser for his business in Ohio. Like we said at the start, it’s not nationally because that would probably be too far a drive to meet the children of the people who join:

16 57 47 12 Facebook Brave Fb Group Admin, Prison &Quot;Advocate&Quot;, And Vicious Child Predator - James Kronenberger

You can see His court paperwork here:

You can see the FULL interview of him admitting everything here. Which was a news piece that covered his infiltration into other prison groups in real life. the full interview is great.

Kronenbergers social media can be found on his Facebook page.