Fuentes Ramirez
Fuentes ramirez

One day after it was discovered that former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández is on a secret US list of persons suspected of corruption or undermining democracy in Central America, a guy related to Hernández was sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking.

Judge P. Kevin Castel sentenced Geovanny Fuentes Ramirez, 52, in federal court in Manhattan. Fuentes Ramirez was convicted last year on charges that he paid high-ranking Honduran authorities and gunned down a law enforcement officer. Castel presided over the trial.

US Attorney Damian Williams claimed in a press statement that Fuentes Ramirez was responsible for bringing a ton of cocaine into the United States and defending his narcotics trade with machine guns.

“In committing his narcotics crimes, Fuentes Ramirez bribed high-ranking Honduran officials and was responsible for brutal acts of violence and murder,” Williams said. A life sentence in a federal prison is in store for Fuentes Ramirez, who has spent his whole criminal career wreaking havoc on the United States via acts of violence and the importation of cocaine.

In the trial, witnesses said that Hernández took bribes from drug traffickers such Fuentes Ramirez and others when he was running for president until at least 2019.

Hernández has denied any involvement with drug traffickers on several occasions, and as a result, he has not been indicted.

Earlier this week, the State Department said that the administration of President Joe Biden had secretly added Hernandez to a list of Central American leaders accused of corruption.

Hernandez’s name was not made public until after he resigned as president last month, even though the list was sent to Congress last summer.

Tony Hernandez, Hernandez’s brother, was given a life sentence in New York last year. Testimony from witnesses said that Juan Orlando Hernandez’s rise to power was supported by drug dealers.

Source: AP News