Dread is back...kind of.

Dread is back...kind of.

Today, Hugbunter made an eagerly anticipated announcement on the dreads subreddit r/dreadalert around 12 AM EST. This news is sure to cause a stir within the darknet community, which has been in a state of flux and without a centralized gathering place for the past two months. As previously noted on the same subreddit, Hugbunter had hinted that the next announcement would be regarding the site’s return, and indeed, the site is now up and running.

However, it’s worth noting that access to the site is not yet available to everyone. While the site is up it is not available for the general public currently. It’s under what hugbunter has called “Privite testing”. basically, like any company or software production dread is being put into a beta state for a select group of people to evaluate and for both hugbunter and paris to have a chance at fine-tuning their production server before it is opened up a little bit more. It means that if we go by the announcement dread is getting very close to opening up publicly. Hugbunter Said that they will be running private testing in multiple stages over the next few days.

Essentially this will be so that all the fine-tuning can be out of the way for the actual reopening of dread. Different Darknet market admins and hidden service admins have been invited back to do testing. The next group of people to be invited back will be advertisers and individual subreddit moderators. Hugbunter further stated That all advertisers will have a 3-month extension. either way, For me it was a really great thing to wake up this morning and see that a new message from hugbunter was available that showed some kind of progress. No doubt at this point a lot of people have actually given up hope on ever seeing the darknet forum ever come back.

I for one am definitely excited to see what changes have taken place. I’ve known hugbunter, now for about 7 years. Granted a good portion of those years, I was either in federal prison or dealing with litigation regarding it. That said I have never known him to be a liar or not truthful in regards to any updates or situations that have occurred. The fact that it took this long to get dread into a position where there can be private testing of the site, to me means that there are probably an absolutely ridiculous amount of updates and new features that we will be seeing. Aside from that, I know there is a whole new add-on to the dread infrastructure.

You heard me right I said infrastructure not Darknet forum or website. Unfortunately, that last part is not something I can talk to you about right now. I’ve promised to keep my discussion with hugbunter close to the chest. I have a video that has actually been ready to release for well over a month at this point. It regards this exact topic. In any case what are your thoughts on all of this? what’s your favorite subDreadit?