Youtube Channel Introduction

I am a federal prison consultant. I was a darknet vendor by the name of 2happytimes2. My real name is Sam Bent. I have a very active blog. You can also find me on various social media platforms (linked on the main page).

In this video, we are talking about my arrest and subsequent imprisonment. It’s pretty short. You can find the full story or as much as I cared to write of it (I am writing a book currently with the full story) on the About page of this blog which details Djeneba Bent, my cousin, and myself in much more detail, and the circumstances that brought us to the point we got to.

Under my guidance, Djeneba basically shipped drugs for me. Djeneba was compensated a percentage of each package based on the profit margin for said package and a flat fee, and shipping, gas, etc., were all covered by myself.


2Happytimes2 Djeneba Bent And Sam BentIn addition to that, I also discuss my incarceration and why it was so short-lived. I was sentenced to a 60-month federal prison term after signing a plea deal for a 108-month maximum if I would agree not to pursue a Fank’s Hearing. A Franks hearing is basically when you can prove law enforcement broke the law to convict you. I had structured my business in a way that ensured the federal government would have to violate the law to stop me. And it worked.

My cousin Djeneba Bent, having it be her first case ever, got scared and ended up informing me through what the feds call a “proffer”. It’s a nice way of saying that she told on me, even though I had taken the full blame for everything the day we were raided. Why would I do that? It was what I had agreed to do originally with my cousin, should it “hit the fan”. I assumed it would be my fault anyway because it was my operation. I managed everything essentially. All she did was ship packages.

She knew this would be profitable and was not forced to do anything. Djeneba quit her job in Rhode Island and moved up to Vermont to start doing this because she knew it would be extremely profitable.

She and I made a lot of money together. I spent my money on things that would make more money (like the product and supplies) while she spent hers on leggings, other clothes, and consumer-grade electronics and accessories.

Despite me taking the fall as soon as they raided ( I mean this. Literally, they walked in, and I said, “I am a darknet vendor, all the drugs are mine”), as per Djeneba and my agreement, she still told on me. Part of our agreement was for her not to say anything. This was because the burden of proof was on the federal government to prove his capability. If she said nothing, she gave them nothing. Unfortunately, this fact was what made me legally forced into a position where I had to take the plea deal offered, which by and large was not bad at all (108 months).

She would not have had a federal case if she had kept up her end of the deal.

Selling drugs without a doubt was the most foolish way I have ever made money. The sentence and risk alone associated with it make it completely not worth it. Not only that, but it’s not exactly a positive thing to be (a drug trafficker).2Happytimes2 Djeneba Bent

I learned the law, and filed a compassionate release motion, thanks to the motivation of my wife Katelyn Bent. It was pretty intense. 200 pages of case sites, exhibits, and statements about what life was actually like in federal prison, as opposed to the sanitized version that the United States Attorney tried to spin, in conjunction with the BOP. I was lucky to have the aid of my wife, she would send me articles, pay for various services that would allow me to conduct more in-depth research into the actual hows and whys. She supported me constantly, with her words of encouragement, and positivity.

In the end, my wife’s unrelenting support, and encouragement and my studying law for 12 hours a day combined, and I was released in 18 months, instead of 60. My original out date was 1/3/2024. This still blows my mind as I write this revision to the post on 2/21/2022.

My judge had told me he had never seen a crime like mine (international drug trafficking, over the darknet, with no physical interaction with clients or suppliers). He also said that I was highly intelligent and that he hoped that I would put that intelligence to use.

This website and the company are my wife and I’s manifestation of that very principle. Chief Judge Crawford of the 2nd Cir. essentially is the one who gave me the idea to reach out and assist people, after I saw the horrid way that people had been treated, and railroaded not only in the BOP but also in the criminal justice system. Present company excluded.

I do not talk to Djeneba anymore. I have no clue how she is doing or where she is. Last I knew Djeneba had hit a few trees while drunk driving, and refused a breathalyzer. Unfortunately for her, there was no one she could tell on to get herself out of that situation.