Currently, I am working on an in-depth video for this takedown, which will walk through the start to the end of the entire ordeal, as seen from the perspective of a Darknet explorer. It will drop on today!

The banner that replaced the darknet market on 3/31/2024 around 8 AM EST

In a significant event that unfolded within the darknet community, the Nemesis Market met its demise on March 20, 2024, following a seizure by European law enforcement. . The admin, known as Francis, announced the seizure, prior to everyone else knowing, issuing a warning for users to erase their tracks due to law enforcement gaining access to two months’ worth of market data.

Screenshot 2024 03 21 063944 [Breaking]Nemesis Market Seized

The seizure’s validation came swiftly as attempts to access Nemesis Market and its mirrors confirmed the downtime, erasing any doubts about the market’s fate. Later this was confirmed by Hugbunter1 on Dread2.

Further developments were rapidly shared, including a confirmation of the market’s takedown by Lithuanian Law Enforcement, adding another layer to the story.

Darknet Admins Statement That Nemesis Market Has Been Seized

The community’s response to the seizure, including the initial confusion and subsequent verification of the event through official announcements, paints a vivid picture of the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of the darknet landscape.

This detailed account sets the stage for an upcoming video that aims to delve deeper into the Nemesis Market’s journey, from its operational strategies to its sudden collapse. The video will offer an in-depth analysis, providing viewers with a clearer understanding of the complexities involved in darknet market operations and the implications of such a high-profile takedown.

Hugbunters Confirmation Of Nemesis Markets Seizure

It will be a blow-by-blow of the entire takedown as it progresses from the point of view of a darknet explorer and some of the most influential people on the darknet today. Look out for the video on my youtube channel:

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