BreachForums Getting Hit Again [Breaking News]

Breachforums is once again seeing multiple issues. Also in this short video we cover the current big project (video) on law that I am editing and trying to get out.

BreachForums Getting Hit Again [Breaking News]

In today's video, I'm providing a quick yet crucial update about the ongoing issues with Breach Forums. Recently, both the clearnet and Tor sites for Breach Forums have gone down. This sudden disruption has caused quite a stir in the community. Not only that, but we've also seen the deletion of key Telegram accounts associated with Breach Forums, including the main announcement channel and the notorious Jacuzzi 2.0 account.

For those unfamiliar, Breach Forums is a platform known for discussions and exchanges related to data breaches and cybersecurity. It's often frequented by hackers and cybersecurity enthusiasts alike. This latest wave of shutdowns and deletions points to significant turmoil within the community.

Just a couple of days ago, the onion site for Breach Forums experienced a similar fate, which many of us found alarming, but not unexpected. These events raise important questions about the stability and future of Breach Forums, as well as the broader implications for online security forums.

In addition to covering the recent disruptions, I'm also working on a comprehensive video about the complexities of law.

I apologize for missing last week's podcast, but I've been busy editing this new video (the one on the law, which I hope to release soon. Your feedback is always valuable, so please let me know your thoughts on the current situation with Breach Forums and any other topics you'd like me to cover.

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