[Breach] Nallas (Tree File Included)

[Breach] Nallas (Tree File Included)
nallas breach

Nallas Corporation, a pioneer in data integration and business analytics solutions, recently encountered a cyber security breach targeting its flagship offering, Tharav. Tharav is a SaaS-based platform that epitomizes the cutting edge in Data Fabric and Data Mesh technology.

It empowers organizations to access, integrate, model, analyze, and monetize data swiftly and cost-effectively. Tharav was engineered to counter the inefficiencies plaguing most data projects, which traditionally realize tangible business outcomes from only about 20% of their efforts. By aiming to significantly improve these odds, Tharav provides organizations with a more reliable pathway to leverage data for enhanced business results and operational efficiency.

The Tree file, showing the overall structure of the breach is included at the bottom of the post.

Breach Details

In what is considered a significant setback for Nallas, an unauthorized party accessed the Tharav platform’s source code. The breach not only exposes the technical underpinnings of Tharav but also poses a threat to the proprietary algorithms and data processing techniques that give Nallas its competitive edge in the market.


The breach has been attributed to IntelBroker, a threat actor with a track record of high-profile ransomware and data extortion cases. Over the last year, IntelBroker has been linked to several significant security incidents, including an alleged attack on General Electric, with claims of obtaining sensitive military files linked to DARPA projects. However, despite their reputation, certain peculiarities in their operations, such as their low selling price for stolen data, have cast doubts over their professionalism and have led some to question the legitimacy of their claims.

Implications of the Tharav Data Breach

The breach's implications for Nallas Corporation are multifold:

  • Intellectual Property Risk: The leaked source code could potentially be exploited by adversaries to create unauthorized and competing versions of Tharav.
  • Customer Confidence: This incident could damage Nallas’s reputation, shaking customer trust and possibly resulting in a client exodus.
  • Financial Repercussions: Nallas may incur significant expenses in managing the breach aftermath, including potential legal challenges and regulatory fines.
  • Service Disruptions: Efforts to contain and remediate the breach could lead to temporary service interruptions, affecting Nallas's operational capability.

Proactive Measures for Tharav Users

In light of this breach, Tharav users must take immediate and vigilant steps to safeguard their data:

  1. Update Security Credentials: Users should promptly change their passwords and ensure that they are strong and unique.
  2. Regular Monitoring: Users must monitor their accounts for any irregular activities that might suggest unauthorized access.
  3. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication: Adding layers of security can significantly reduce the chances of unauthorized account access.
  4. Stay Updated: Users should stay abreast of all communications from Nallas for updates on the breach and recommended security practices.
  5. Minimize Data Exposure: When interacting with online services, it is advisable to share the least amount of personal information necessary.