Elderly Inmate Bop
hey, we know that these guys are really secret ms-13 members, that would have killed 100’s of innocent correctional staff had the bop not saved us with the national lockdown!

Now that a little bit of time has passed, all those inmates have forgotten about the two murders that took place in Texas.

Doesn’t make sense? Right, well, if it doesn’t make sense then it makes perfect sense to the BOP, whose name to some stands for “Bureau of Prisons” but to the rest of the people who have actually had to deal with the razor wire beurocracy it means “backwards on purpose”, because that’s the way they think. They announced that they would be lifting the lockdown for select institutions.

We broke down the real reasoning for the lockdown here. Which essentially was security theater. Which is defined as:

Security theater is the practice of taking security measures that are intended to provide the feeling of improved security while doing little or nothing to achieve it.

In true BOP style, they did not explain anything about why it’s only particular facilities that are coming off of lockdown, or what they think this actually achieved.

Perhaps they should implement that “out of an abundance of caution” to the rest of their policies, by letting the people that are non-violent offenders, out, like at every camp that exists, so they don’t die of covid, now that we are at 280+ dead inmates.

Bop Elderly Inmate
this guy too, is probably the shot-caller for the ms-13 gang, he is just undercover. It’s good that the bop is making sure to keep all the inmates safe from guys like this with the national lockdown, disregard the 280+ dead inmates because of covid!

As of Monday, the Federal Bureau of Prisons stated that it was ending its statewide lockdown and removing restrictions at institutions where officials concluded there was no longer a threat, we are sure this was after in-depth analysis and consideration. It completely was not some decision made because many people spoke out about this nonsensical lockdown…

It was announced that the bureau will “return select facilities to the appropriate modified operational status” under the umbrella of a “tiered response” that would gradually reduce limitations as soon as it was deemed safe to do so. This plan is reminiscent of the “Multi-phase COVID” plan that they had which its effectiveness is now prevalent, and rightly many experts have said that the BOP is essentially shifting chairs around on the titanic in response to it.

Following the deaths of two Texas prison prisoners, officials at the Bureau of Prisons issued a countrywide lockdown on Jan. 31, fearing reprisal violence in other prisons around the country. Some inmates and their families were outraged by the move, which they believed was too broad, this was most likely because unlike the BOP these individuals had an IQ above room temperature.  About 134,000 convicts are housed in 122 prisons run by the Bureau of Prisons, were locked down even more than they were prior to that. All 98  institutions listed by the BOP are in “stage 3” of their ridiculous “modified operations” plan. Which while sounding great on paper, is as far as it goes. The BOP is great at making trash look like gold.

Among the reasons given by a federal official acquainted with the situation is because MS-13-affiliated convicts were involved in the brawl and because such gangs are widely considered to be present at most U.S. prisons, officials decided to impose such a wide range of restrictions on inmates. Those individuals at camps and lows (which make up the majority of inmates in the BOP) who evaded taxes, were nonviolent drug offenders, or who committed fraud, we all know are really actually secret MS-13 affiliates, just WAITING to strike!

Absurd? Like I said at the start of this article, the BOP would not be the BOP if it made sense. The official described internal Bureau of Prisons security conversations under the condition of anonymity, as did others interviewed for this investigation. The question is why? They say good deeds are done in the light. Being the BOP is seemingly incapable of “good deeds” it’s no wonder the staff who do have a modicum of good in them feel the need to be cloaked in secrecy to avoid the reprisals to their career at the corrupt, dysfunctional, and toxic bureaucracy known as the BOP.