Biden’s pathetic pardon does nothing to combat people being arrested today for this cannabis. It releases a few individuals with a possession charge for very little. Why not just make it legal federally if this is not a strictly political move? Do something that is actually going to cause change and rectify the “wrongs” that he loves to preach about so much – as opposed to offering a temporary bandaid that makes him kind of look good to voters?

Biden “called” for governors to pardon “simple possession cases”. This is idiotic because most of the time, pardons on a state level are on an individual case-by-case basis, NOT a blanket pardon. And again, why be so selective? Why not just legalize it federally?

Sadly, this move looks nothing more like a shallow move to make himself look better, for not doing what he claimed he would do prior to being elected.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost was more strident, accusing Biden of abusing his presidential pardon power on the eve of an election.

“I called for the reclassification of marijuana in 2015,” Yost said in a series of statements on Twitter. “This move maybe makes sense in individual cases—but Biden’s blanket pardon 34 days before an election is the most political, cynical abuse of the pardon power in history. President Obama or President Biden could have done this literally at any point. To abuse the pardon power like this on the doorstep of an election is an astonishing level of cynicism.”

U.S. Rep. Dave Joyce, a South Russell Republican who co-chairs the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, issued a statement that applauded Biden “for listening and rejecting the all-or-nothing approach demanded by so many in his own party,” and commended him for recognizing the need for state and local expungements. He urged Congress to work on a bipartisan basis to incentivize them.

“The bulk of petty, non-violent cannabis convictions take place at the state and local level, so to truly remedy the unjust war on cannabis, we must start there and vacate antiquated offenses that are no longer even considered a crime,” said Joyce. “More than 14 million cannabis-related records at the state and local level continue to preclude Americans from stable housing and gainful employment – two cornerstones of safe and prosperous communities.

“Today’s announcement from the White House recognizes two truths: that continued and complete federal cannabis prohibition is no longer the will of the American electorate, and that the President knows his party’s all-or-nothing approach to cannabis reform has failed to produce results in Congress,” Joyce continued.

Rep. Shontel Brown, a Warrensville Heights Democrat, applauded Biden for “following through on his commitment to marijuana reform by addressing the root causes of the systemic incarceration disparities marginalized communities face.

“It is long overdue that America addresses imprisonment for non-violent crimes like using or possessing marijuana – criminalization that has devastated generations of Black and brown families,” said a statement from Brown. “The Biden-Harris Administration’s pledge will, hopefully, restore liberties like fair housing, equal employment, and educational opportunities to thousands once deemed ineligible due to prejudicial drug convictions.”

Columbus Democratic Rep. Joyce Beatty, who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus, posted a statement that declared “Cannabis justice is racial justice!” She said Biden “is correcting a historic injustice and pardoning ALL federal offenses of simple marijuana possession.”

Niles-area Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan, who is running for U.S. Senate, posted his own two-word response on Twitter: “Legalize it.”