In this OSINT video, we cover the basics of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), a type of intelligence gathering that relies on publicly available information. We define key terms and discuss common methods for gathering OSINT, including using search engines and social media platforms, accessing databases and structured information, and using geolocation tools. We also talk about the various ways in which OSINT can be used, such as for journalism, business intelligence, and personal research, and discuss legal and ethical considerations. This video is a great introduction for anyone interested in learning more about OSINT and how it can be used to gather valuable information. OSINT is the process of gathering information from publicly available sources, such as social media profiles, websites, news articles, and other online resources. It is commonly used by law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and private investigators to gather information on individuals or organizations. #OSINT #OpenSourceIntelligence #IntelligenceGathering,

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