Bop Level 3 Covid AlertAn astonishing 94 facilities out of the BOP’s 127 facilities are currently on a “Level 3” alert and operating at the highest possible restrictive rate that the BOP has due to COVID. Or rather, the BOP’s inability, or negligence (I prefer the latter) in containing it.  Is there any point at which they will say that they cannot control the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities?

Presently, there are 135,388 Federal Inmates in BOP “Care and Custody” and 14,818 in community-based facilities. With over 2,300 inmates that currently have COVID-19, that the BOP has admitted anyway. Staff who have been tested and confirmed to be sick are 657. Again, these numbers are what the BOP is currently admitting to.

275 federal inmates have died so far, with the BOP losing 7 staff members to COVID-19.  No matter when you look at their site, the numbers always tell you the truth in one way or another. One thing is to be certain, they take care of their own. If you are not sure what the medical treatment is like the inside of federal prison, just look at those numbers. Only 7 staff have died, while 39x that have died are federal prisoners.