Guards sexually abuse inmates every day in the United States — in jails, prisons, and detention facilities – but the abuse is rarely disclosed to the public as a result. The Associated Press has exposed a history of sexual assault and harassment at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, which is one of just a handful federal women’s prisons in the United States at the time of the investigation. (Source: Associated Press, February 6)

Fci Dublin, Aka Rape Club Aka Sexual Abuse Hotbed

What we already know about institutional sexual abuse of inmates

FCI Dublin is referred to as “the rape club” by both guards and inmates, and prisoners have reported “rampant” sexual assault at the hands of prison personnel at the facility. Personnel working in the prison who raised concerns about the abuse were often threatened or reprimanded.

Fci Dublin, Aka Rape Club Aka Sexual Abuse Hotbed

We have documented many articles highlighting the corruption at FCI Dublin including their lack of security cameras, the rampant mold and contamination issues the facility faces, in addition to the warden that was first set to the facility to act as the head of the coverup to silence employees from speaking out in addition to the BOP attacking its own staff for whistleblowing. Even the head of the BOP has essentially begged his own employees to stop being corrupt in internal communication. As if that’s not enough, now BOP staff are demanding a 10% pay raise.

According to the Associated Press’ research, which looked into internal Federal Bureau of Prisons statements, papers, and recorded conversations with detainees, this women’s prison had a “permissive and toxic culture.” All of them had evidence of the persistent sexual assault.

Federal prosecutors later charged multiple prison employees, including the warden and prison chaplain, with sexually abusing inmates over a seven-year period of time. Some of which have already plead guilty.

Even ex-inmates have openly disclosed some of the horror stories from this facility. As can be seen here, in the video below.

In a letter written to the Department of Justice on March 1, over 100 prisoner advocacy organizations from around California and the United States demanded that an inquiry be launched and that the alleged “systemic abuse” at FCI-Dublin be put to an end.

Fci Dublin, Aka Rape Club Aka Sexual Abuse Hotbed

In a news release issued by the coalition, the advocacy groups asked for quick action to address the core causes of the exploitation. These include an independent investigation into staff abuse, the establishment of a safe line of communication for reporting future abuse, the release of prisoner victims back into their communities, and comprehensive medical care and treatment for “incarcerated survivors of staff abuse,” as well as other measures.

Fci Dublin, Aka Rape Club Aka Sexual Abuse Hotbed

In the statement California Coalition for Women Prisoners spokesperson, Diana Block wrote: “We know that the arrest, conviction or incarceration of a handful of bad actors will not bring justice for survivors of abuse at FCI Dublin. The DOJ must take swift, sweeping action to address the institutional culture that allowed staff to perpetuate this abuse.”

“This is the third time in three decades that FCI Dublin staff have been publicly accused of sexual abuse.”

Deyci Carrillo, from Centro Legal de la Raza, commented
Deyci Carrillo
Deyci Carrillo

But at this point, it has gone past an accusation and has moved to have multiple staff members plead guilty to these crimes.

She went on to say that many incarcerated abuse survivors are subjected to immediate reprisal after reporting abuse to authorities. A large number of immigrant prisoners also face the threat of deportation after serving their sentences.

Anyone who has served time in jail is well aware that sexual behavior between guards and convicts is “illegal.” In the wake of the Associated Press investigation and the tenacious campaigning of organizations like as CCWP and Centro Legal de la Raza, an egregious history of sexual assault against women, transgender, gender nonbinary, and gender-variant prisoners at FCI Dublin has been revealed. Earlier this year, the last warden was arrested for abusing a prisoner after forcing her and another inmate to strip naked. There is a long history of civil lawsuits and complaints that demonstrate years of exploitation and exploitation.

Sexual assault of our detained brothers and sisters is widespread in every prison and jail in the United States. What is unique is when it is brought to the public’s attention – and when advocates step up to advocate for incarcerated survivors of sexual assault.

In response to their letter to the Department of Justice on ending sexual assault at FCI Dublin, advocacy groups are still waiting for a response. The crimes committed at this federal women’s jail serve as a stark reminder that the only long-term answer to ending the toxic culture of sexual abuse the solution they pose is to dismantle the criminal justice system from the ground up and abolish prisons permanently.